Best Android Solutions Get Tips to Install, Rooting in Android Phone

Take a trip outside the Google Play store and find a plethora of apps to download The Google Play store is the primary target for any Android owner looking to add new apps to a device. However, unlike a rival counterpart. Android users can find and install third-party apps. Admittedly, the Play store has the vast majority of apps any user could want, but not necessarily all. Not all app publishers wish to publish on the store due to the fact they have to pay fees.


Some Doesnt Offer Download Form Play Store

There are a host of online locations that include Android apps, but many do not offer the facility to download directly to the Play store. The download and install process for non-Market apps is slightly different to the standard method. First users need to download the app, locate the app and install from the download location. For this, users will need a file browser to help locate an app s .apk file. Once located it is a simple matter of installing via the associated menu. Unknown sources Apps are typically downloaded and installed from Google Play.

Unknown Sources

To be able to install third-party apps the Unknown sources setting needs to be switched on. Head to Settings and select Security. Now tap Unknown sources to allow for the installation of non-Market apps. File browser To install non-Market apps a file browser app will be needed to view files on an Android device.

Head to the Play store and search using the term “file browser’. This will offer a selection of free apps; select ASTRO File Manager from the list and download and install. Third-party apps Google Play is not the only store where Android apps can be downloaded from.

There are a number of stores including AppBrain (www., SlideMe ( and Amazon App store ( For this tutorial we are going to use SlideMe. Get an app Head to the SlideMe homepage, or your chosen store, and search and locate the third-party app you wish to use. Select the Free button assigned to the app to view a summary description.

Now tap the Download button and wait for the app to download. Locate download To locate the downloaded app first launch the file browser app downloaded in Step 2, ASTRO File Manager. Tap Manage My Files to reveal the app interface and folder structure. You can locate the app you downloaded in the previous step in the aptly named Download folder.


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