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Golden Technologies’ Signature Series power lift reclining recliner chairs, available in a variety of styles, The Regal, The Royal and the Space Saver available in eight different color patterns built to fit your needs, priced to fit your budget. Take a look at these 3 different styles of Golden Technologies’ lift chairs. Each is really nice and extremely functional. The Regal offs the utmost style and comfort featuring dual open arm storage, tray table, 3 pillow waterfall back and supreme seating comfort. The Royal is tastefully designed, featuring Golden Technologies’ 3 pillow waterfall back cushion with their plush arms and soft seat cushion and the Space Saver offers plush, overstuffed support combined with the Golden Technology, highly engineered space saving reclining system requiring only 6 inches of space for a full recline. The Regal, The Royal and the Space Saver are all medium size recliner chairs with weight capacities being 375 pounds for the Regal and the Royal and 250 pounds for the Space Saver. Each style has it’s own individual characteristics so take some time, click on each different model and then you will see what we are talking about.

Take a look at this reclining recliner lift chair. Purchase this chair and you get the comfort and style well suited for the home or office. The dual open arm storage, tray table, 3 pillow waterfall back and supreme seating comfort makes this a chair to not only use and enjoy but one you want to display in your living room or den with pride. The only problem is who is going to get the chair first. We say this because we are sure there are going to be more than one person in the family calling this recliner lift chair their favorite chair. Available in 8 handsome color patterns, and all the features you can imagine. Click on the image to the right and you will see.

Golden Technologies Signature Series Royal Power Reclining Recliner Lift Chair Model PR-752 with 3 Pillow Waterfall Back Plush Arms and Seat at $909.99

Here is another great reclining recliner chair well suited for the home or office. The Royal Reclining Recliner Lift Chair is tastefully designed, featuring Golden Technologies’ 3 pillow waterfall back cushion with the Golden Technology plush arms and soft seat cushion. A lift chair that is not only extremely comfortable but functional as well. This lift chair is available in 8 attractive color patterns and when either sitting down, standing up or just relaxing, this chair will fill be bill for you. The side pockets offer a great place to place your favorite reading material, and this chair is really strong.

Golden Technologies Signature Series Space Saver Power Reclining Recliner Lift Chair Model PR-906 Requiring only 6″ of Space for a Full Recline at $1219.99

If you are looking for a great power lift recliner lift chair and you have little space between where the chair is to sit and the wall, this is your chair. This is a medium size lift chair and it has a 250 pound weight capacity. Available in 3 handsome color patterns, Pecan, Atlantic and Cranberry, there is sure to be a color fitting your home or office decor. Versatile and economical, you will be hard pressed to find a power lift recliner chair that will beat the beauty of this chair and not only is this chair attractive, it comes with all the functions included in most more expensive chairs.

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