5 Movies to Watch Before Remodeling Your Home

So you finally decide to take the plunge and get started on remodeling your home. Your head is a jumble of ideas, plans, and details as you pull out your toolbox and contemplate calling the experts in to make some sense out of your musings.

But before you move so much as a piece of furniture around, there’s an unlikely source you can tap for that brainwave, that flash of inspiration you need to decide on that perfect look for your new home – the film industry. So microwave that bowl of popcorn, plump your couch cushions, sit back, relax, and let us take you home to the movies – the 10 you must watch, at least for a few laughs, before you begin to remodel your home.

The Money Pit

A must-watch for the list of things you absolutely should look out for when buying a home, especially if you think you’re getting a deal that’s too good to be true. A young couple gets conned into buying a supposedly perfect mansion at a very low price – they spend the rest of the movie trying to sort out the tangled mess of electrical, plumbing and structural problems that also induce tension in their personal relationship.

5 Movies to Watch Before Remodeling Your Home

The Notebook

Renovation in this flick is a true labor of love – Noah, separated from his true love Allie by her parents, renovates his two-century-old home to prove his passion for her. Allie is drawn back home by a picture of Noah in front of the new and improved house – the scene of one night spent with Noah when she was sweet 17.

Watch the movie, both to see if Allie and Noah get back together even though she’s engaged to another man, and to admire the improvements made to the old house.

Home Alone

An eight-year-old pits his wits against two petty crooks out to rob his parents’ home while the entire family is away on vacation. Kevin MacAllister uses his impish talents to booby-trap his home and thwart the attempts of the thieving twosome as they attempt to gain entry into the house by hook or by crook. A good afternoon’s entertainment, plus a primer on how to make your home foolproof to burglary.

Father of the Bride II

George Banks has his hands full – his daughter Annie is home pregnant, his wife Nina is pregnant as well, and his house is taken over by the enthusiastic wedding coordinator Franck Eggelhoffer (played with characteristic panache by Martin Short), who’s not only giving the women aerobics lessons, but also helping to renovate one of the wings and turn it into a safe and luxurious living space for the new baby. Expectant mothers, besides appreciating the tips provided to redecorating a room for a newborn, will also love the lavish baby shower scene.

Christmas Vacation

A crazy family movie that shows the lighter side of relatives and Christmas, and what happens when you put the two together. Family head Clark Griswold is all agog with plans to surprise his family with the addition of a new swimming pool in their backyard – and his dreams go down the drain with the news that his boss is not handing out the usual Christmas bonuses this year.

A houseful of guests, some invited and others who have gate-crashed the party, crazy decorating ideas that include 25,000 (250 strands) Christmas lights, and rising tensions make this movie a delightful experience. Read about the future of Film Entertainment in this article.