How to get the highest ranking with Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a phrase that gets thrown around on the net a lot, and it isn’t nearly as complicated as people make it sound. Getting your website ranked highly on all the major search engines is easier then it looks with Search Engine Optimization. If you think ahead and form a website plan before launching your website, your task will be simple.

Keywords Your success with search engine optimization begins with your choice of keywords. You should create a list of about fifty keywords that relate to your site; you will eventually want to trim that list down to around 10. You should note that it’s very risky to use the same keyword more than once as some search engines will not list your site.

To choose the best keywords for search engine optimization, go to They have a fantastic free program that will show you in real-time what words people are searching for. To maximize your search engine optimization, you should choose plural words instead of single words. This technique gives you a much better chance to attract attention to your website.

META tags

META copy write tags are a crucial part of search engine optimization. They should appear at the top of your website and contain your ten keywords. You should ensure that you use all of your keywords in the first 250 words on your webpage to receive the highest search engine ranking possible. You should avoid placing banners or ads at the top of your page. The search engine optimization spiders will take more time to locate your keywords, and you’ll receive a lower ranking. If you need to have banners or ads, place them off the main page or at the very bottom of the page.

How to get the highest ranking with Search Engine Optimization

H1 tags

Using these can be very beneficial because you will be able to put your keywords/s in them. H1 tags are often the same as the title tags. It is best to use CSS to style the font as the traditional H1 font can make the text look out of place on your web page.

Highlighting keywords

This is an excellent practice that few do. It can give you a significant advantage over your competitors by merely highlighting the keywords in your copy. It will emphasize the keywords, and the search engines will have little doubt as to what the page is about. Do not overdo this. Bolding too often can make things look a bit messy.


Submit to as many directories you can and occasionally write articles and distribute them to the various article directories. You will find you will quickly get good backlinks that are also related to your site.