How To Raise Credit Score

Jennifer was a newly divorced single mother raising her child on her own. On her way to work one morning, her car cut off in traffic and would not start up again. She had the car towed and later on discovered the car she purchased from the used car lot was a lemon.

She had scraped up less than two months ago all the money she had left to pay the deposit, insurance, tags, and taxes. The mechanic told her she needed $2,500 to replace the engine. She had no more money and could not borrow the money due to having credit scores below 550.

About Shawn

Shawn is a 10-year professional and has a Master’s degree in business management. In years before becoming unemployed due to company downsizing, he enjoyed a relatively modest life.

Vacations twice a year,

Mercedes, BMW, and a Porsche

The home located in a beautiful gated community.

He enjoyed an excellent 6 figure salary, but after being let go from his job, he could no longer afford to make a lot of his payment obligations. This, in turn, made his credit scores plunge off a cliff. The domino effect of his credit score dropping is that the jobs he would qualify for due to his experience will not hire him.

Credit score affects Employability

Certain occupations in the workforce require applicants to have a good credit score, or they will not be hired. The logic is if you cannot responsibly handle your personal affairs, then you definitely cannot be entrusted to handle company specifics that require strong leadership.

Jacob is a person who has always spent money as fast as he earned it. He always had to have the top designer clothing and trinkets. He always enjoyed going out to parties, and his primary motto has been to always live for today. His priority would be to get the new $200 basketball shoes rather than pay his current bills on time.

His philosophy is to make partial payments because he cannot fathom not being one of the first people seen without whatever it is that comes out new. Now Jacob is about to be a proud father of a little girl. He wants to raise his daughter in a house in a good neighborhood, but every lending institution is shooting down his dream because he lacks the 120 points he needs to qualify for a new home.

How To Raise Credit Score

Credit Repair

These are just some of the many examples we have encountered over the past few years as we have assisted people with how to raise their credit score and keep it there using our simple yet highly effective credit score boosting strategies. Typically you are going to fall in one of three categories.

  1. You are a young person looking to establish and build a new credit profile.
  2. You already have a credit profile, and you are seeking help on how to raise credit score(s) fast.

You have had credit repair and feel disillusioned because you were able to see first-hand, despite what uninformed people don’t know that credit repair does work. But no one told you that after the process, the majority of the time, your credit score is still low, and you will have to build new credit to increase your score.

The credit system can make you want to scream due to all the little things that you don’t know about it. For most people, a good credit score appears to be a coveted “members only” club that only a select group of people are allowed to join. Did you know that

  • Over your lifetime, bad credit can cost you well over $200,000?
  • People with low credit scores pay higher interest rates on loans
  • They pay higher insurance
  • They are often denied higher-paying jobs that would add more income in their bank account
  • They miss out on amazing deals due to not having the ability to access extra cash fast.

Bad Credit score? You’re in Crisis!

People with bad credit or low credit scores are usually one or two missed paychecks away from a total financial crisis they would not be able to recover from.

If you are tired of experiencing butterflies in your stomach when you are applying for new credit, then we have the solution for you. After you learn our quick and easy steps, you will be free from feeling like you are throwing darts, trying to hit a bull’s eye when you apply for credit.

There are natural laws that govern the credit industry, and there are things that need to be displayed on your credit profile for it to be approved by credit and loan underwriters. You have to simply give them what they need to see to receive what you want from them.

It is not complicated. Using our steps, you will not be denied for the credit you need anymore. Do you feel comfortable going to apply for credit and nearly having an anxiety attack while waiting for what the results of you have structured your profile the correct way to receive it. Read if closing a bank account affects your credit score.