Tips For The Rainy Season in Costa Rica

Most people think: “Costa Rica? This beautiful tropical country has the most beautiful weather all year round!” Well, sorry, guys! That’s not true at all. We do not know winter-time and summer-time in Costa Rica, that is true, but what we do have is a wet season and a dry season (or rain/rainy season and sunny season).

In the sunny season, everything is fine, as the sun is shining from sunrise to sunset. All is nice and well (although it can get incredibly hot in the early afternoon!), but what happens during the rainy season in Costa Rica?

Rain here is crazy!

Well, you have to know that the rain during the rainy season is like nothing we are familiar with in ANY way coming from Europe or the United States. Rain in Costa Rica, especially during the heavy rain season in October and November, is crazy.

Tips For The Rainy Season in Costa Rica
A Volcano in Costa Rica

So much water is falling in heavy drops from the sky, that life on the streets and in the cities almost comes to a stop. The canal and drain systems in the whole country are often not able to swallow all that water, so floods are not unusual. Even worse than that is during the rainy season, all the clothes and things in your house will not get dry or stay dry.

If you have clothes to dry coming fresh out of the washing machine, you will need a dryer to do this job because, during the heavy rain season, it will not be possible to dry clothes properly. Even if you do use a dryer, you have to take your clothes out of the machine and put them into plastic bags, so they do not pick up moisture instantly.

Some people also have a dehumidifier in their wardrobe to protect clothes and other stuff from getting moist and moldy. It can get even worse with electronic devices because laptops, cell phones, iPods, and iPads are super sensitive to all the moisture, so you have to take good care of them.

What to do with electronic devices

1. We have our laptops running for most of the time during the rainy season to have the warmth of the machines keeping the moisture away.

2. We have created a small shelf and put it behind the fridge to save energy costs. We use the warmth that is radiated off of the back of the fridge to keep our electronic devices dry.

Both techniques work pretty well. The second tip, however, is a super-smart, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution for the rainy season.

The rainy season lasts only a couple of weeks

I feel I must be honest, especially about the challenges that come along with living in a tropical country like Costa Rica during the rainy season. The good thing is, it lasts just a couple of weeks. In December, when it just starts getting ugly and cold in Europe and the United States, it is already over, and the sun comes back, making us forget all the wet afternoons in an instant.

What is a couple of weeks of rain compared to six months of grey, cold, and ice in Northern Europe or the Northern United States? If you prepare for this time of the year or take a nice little vacation to the drier North-West side of Costa Rica, you will have an easy time dealing with rain season in Costa Rica. Read our tips for Business travelers.