Can You Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding?

While it is not a certain thing, definitely, there are probabilities that you might get pregnant while breastfeeding. The finest contraception method is some type of barrier technique like using condoms if prevention is essential to you.

This article explains how to get pregnant while breastfeeding, it’s helpful as well to know how not to. Moreover, following the delivery of an infant, the continuation of a normal menstrual cycle would be different for every woman.

Some may menstruate some may not

The return of periods would be postponed if breastfeeding, especially if she’s nursing exclusively and not feeding her infants with solids of formula. But giving that fact, some women would get their menstrual period even while breastfeeding, and some would not menstruate once until their babies are past their earliest birthday.

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If you’re hoping to imagine and you’re not menstruating, the problem can be that you’re still breastfeeding, therefore, you might need considering either postponing trying for the second infant or weaning the one you are nursing currently.


Your body’s production of the hormone prolactin is higher if you’re breastfeeding. Prolactin is known as the hormone which holds back ovulation and, as such, decreases your pregnancy possibility when breastfeeding your baby.

The percentages in the first year increase, and after about six months, the opportunity of formation stands at roughly 6%. Being alert of your menstrual period will assist you in knowing what is happening in your system and if you’re possible to imagine. If you’re menstruating, in that case, you can analyze ovulation by calculating the days from the first bleeding day every month.

Ovulation time

Ovulation must happen between the 13th and 15th days, depending on your cycle. However, you must bear in mind that if you continue breastfeeding, your prolactin levels will stay elevated, and your phase would not be as precise as you might think.

By initiating additional solid foods to your infants, his breast milk need will decrease. Because breastfeeding runs on a supply-and-demand scheme naturally, the levels of your prolactin will vary accordingly. In addition to this, you can enlarge the intervals among day feeds and supplement with foods and formula with a similar end in mind.

Note that you can’t rely on your lactation as a means of contraception if you are planning not to get pregnant. As ovulation happens before menstruation, you can get pregnant even before you’ve your first phase since the last infant was born.