Precautions to be a waxing wax

By the time we live in, fashion, or rather, what is aesthetically hair, they’re canos set today and annoying hair has reached the point that even in man the hair does not get along. Around this fashion has created a market for hair removal methods either permanent (laser or pulsed light), temporal (waxes or make-up ……) or just hide or is apparently not showy (discoloration). The technique of hair removal is the removal of the aerial parts of the hair, ie it removes only the hair that protrudes from the skin surface. Depilatory procedures can be both physical and chemical.

Methods are easy to make and cheap, but a drawback is that their durability is poor, suffers repeated skin and the hair process is not weakened, leading to prick the tip at the time of the flood. Epilation technique involves the complete removal of hair from the root, either by uprooting or destruction of the papilla. Its advantage is that the hair takes longer to get out and eventually be removed entirely. In the case without a remedy if it is rather weak or undetectable. Anyway, from now, and their wide use, only used the term hair removal, even when referring to epilation.

General precautions

As with all practices should take precautions you should follow to avoid problems later, these precautions are: – About skin affected by acne or dermatitis, you should not practice with wax epilation.

  • – In the presence of varicose veins, you should exercise caution, and if these are very important may prohibit the use of hot wax, being more given warm or cold wax. Except if done with a type of natural wax and burns just as well no additives.
  • – In any case, if the hygienic conditions are inadequate, undesirable effects may occur as folliculitis.
  • – No hot wax should Epila areas near the eyes.
  • – After epilation process to avoid exposure to sunlight for at least 24 hours. Also be avoided in the area apply perfume, makeup, non-aseptic. It will choose the type of wax either hot or warm, as cold wax has great benefits like wax cabin for their great disadvantage.

How to choose which type of wax is the ideal?

Sugar Wax Water Soluble Natural Wax Waxing.jpg 350x350

There are many parameters that must be considered.

1 .- Type of hair: If hair is thick, without doubt, the most correct is the hot wax as it facilitates their elimination from the root, because of follicular dilation produced by the heat, preventing it from breaking and the client is painful.

2 If there is flaccidity: The skins with much laxity, the withdrawal of the warm wax is more aggressive because of its high adhesion to the skin, so this technique should be made taking into account that the skin has to be as smooth as possible.

3rd kind of circulatory problems is: Depends on the extent of the problem, very serious problems no method is not advisable, as is decreasing the level of must assess because it is more aggressive extraction hair from the root rather than the applied heat today because the melting point to decline to the point where the heat is minimal, so the hot wax, low melting point is best.

– Clean and disinfect the area Epila Before applying the wax to proceed to clean and disinfect the area. Are on the market many products for this function, all have a carrier, which we will use for its safe operation or in the case of not having these products is common to them all, the alcohol (as a disinfectant, is more effective if this lowered to a concentration of 70 º.). 50% alcohol with water. Scattered throughout the area where they make the epilation. You use a mitt, which will help hair removal that helps eliminate the outermost corneal layer, dead cells

– Depilatory preparations, cosmetics First antiseptic products are used, as before we talk about alcohol or a product of the many that are for sale, then talcum powder to dry the area, very small amount, just enough. Following these preparatory procedures, hair removal should be performed which consists of several steps which are:



  • STAGE 1: Study of skin lesions and recognition.
  • STAGE 2: Selection of technical means and products
  • STAGE 3: Preparation of the skin, health and safety
  • STAGE 4: Core of treatment. Hair removal.
  • STAGE 5: Completion of treatment.


At the end of all these steps I assure you that the hair removal wax, will be the best choice you make, as a final solution to the hair.