Make money with Pay Per Click Arbitrage

There are undeniably a lot of ways to make money on the internet, but Pay Per Click Arbitrage is probably one of the least used methods because not many people know or understand the way it works. Those who know how to use it make a considerable amount of income using pay per click arbitrage.

But what is pay per click arbitrage exactly? While it is a fast way of making money online, arbitrage, being an uncommon word, is less likely understood. Thus, its potential as a money-making opportunity is not considered by a good number of people who do not use it as a resource in their internet marketing strategies.

What’s PPC Arbitrage?

Let us start by defining each term. Pay per click is an advertising format that allows businesses to buy specific search phrases containing keywords related to their products or services, to land them on the top of search engine rankings. When someone types those keywords, the search engines rank the results according to its system, including the paid advertising of those businesses that paid to be on top of the results.

Make money with Pay Per Click Arbitrage

To illustrate, imagine running a search for a product using a significant search engine like Google. When Google displays the results, you will notice results that have labels that say Sponsor Results or Sponsor Links, which may appear within the rest of the list of results or place within boxes at the side of the page.

These labeled results and those highlighted in colored boxes and placed strategically on the side and separated from the long list of results are paid advertisements of businesses who bought their way to the top of search engine results. The ads will be ranked depending on how much the business pays, and they pay when someone clicks through to their website.

Signup with other Search Engine

Also called just arbitrage, pay per click arbitrage is the buying and reselling of web traffic for a profit. To illustrate, you create a page with adverts that you get from programs like Google AdSense, which pays more per click because Google is more popular.

Then sign up with a secondary search engine that will cost you less for your Pay Per Click advertising. Second-tier search engines offer the same kind of marketing or a variation of it, and they usually cost less the Google. That means a bigger payout for you later on.

Use Pay Per Click to advertise to get the right amount of traffic to your site. From that traffic, you will get people who will click on the ads on your site, for which you will get paid. The difference of the cost you incurred paying for the Pay per Click advertising, and the payment you received for the ads you placed on your site, is the profit you get with Pay Per Click Arbitrage.

If you get a good number of people clicking through to your site through Pay Per Click, you get a higher chance of having your ads clicked on and earning more from it. Because the secondary search engines with which you paid for your Pay Per Click ads cost lower, taking off your payment to that from the profit you make from the ads in your site will still yield you a profit.

Fill the site with relevant Keywords

To maximize the potential of making money with Pay Per Click Arbitrage, you need to create a web page filled with keywords relevant to the adverts found in your site. Use the keyword phrases in your page title or header title. Do some research to find out the best areas to advertise, such as profitable niches.

Start with a single-page website or a blog with a topic of great interest to a large number of people. You can create more pages and expand later on when you feel more confident, making sure you always keep it updated to pull in traffic to your site regularly.

The first few attempts may not yield you the results you desire, but try to keep at it, learning the ropes along your way. You need to monitor your results and continue learning before you get the rewards for your hard work. This business has the potential of providing you a steady flow of income, as long as you do everything right.

Making money with Pay Per Click Arbitrage does require a minimum amount of investment on your part, but the returns will highly outweigh your initial outlay. And although arbitrage may initially sound complicated, with a closer look, it is a straightforward way to make money on the internet.