PowerAmp for Android Full And Unlocker


PowerAMP is a actual feature-rich music amateur that leaves me adulatory for actual little else. Throughout my testing I could abandoned anticipate of one or two changes or additions I’d like to see, but alike if development on PowerAMP accomplished today, it’d still be the music amateur I use every day.

Just a brace weeks ago, Android users were accustomed the befalling to analysis out the beta adaptation of Nullsoft’s Winamp for Android, and you may bethink how abundant Phil admired it for its alarming WiFi syncing capabilities. For an app that’s still in its infancy, Winamp for Android acquainted like a actual able-bodied angled music player. I acknowledgment Winamp actuality artlessly because it’s one of the best contempo music players to hit the market, and for that acumen abandoned I acquainted it all-important to blow on a few differences amid Winamp and PowerAMP, mostly concering their corresponding widgets.

Main Screen

  • PowerAMP main screen has large album art, which supports swipes on it
  • optionally, embed song lyrics can be shown over album art, press album art area to close/reopen it
  • PowerAMP will automatically search and download missing album art (if such option is enabled in settings), or it will look in containing folder for appropriate image (in Folders mode), or will query Android System Library for the image (in Library mode)
  • long press on album art area opens Select Album Art screen
  • there are additional list-switching buttons, which navigate to the previous/next folder/album/artist/playlist, etc.
  • mini-display area below controls can be pressed/long-pressed to navigate to Now Playing selection
  • mini-deck on the bottom provides quick way to enable/disable equalizer, select equalizer preset or navigate to Equalizer screen.


Equalizer and Tone

  • 10 band graphical equalizer
  • PREAMP control
  • optimized for NEON SIMD (if supported by phone CPU)
  • works for any supported format and for bluetooth A2DP headset
  • separate Tone controls – low pass Bass and high pass Treble
  • 16 presets to start with, custom user created presets
  • presets can be assigned either to specific output (speaker, wired headset, bluetooth headset), or to songs, or even to whole album/folder/playlist/etc.
  • On HTC devices with SRS/Dolby support, DHD optional button enables these audio effects


PowerAMP has number of useful options and settings, allowing pretty high level of customization:

  • Sleep Timer
  • Startup Screen selection
  • Themes
  • Various Crossfade/Fade/Gapless options
  • Music Folders selection
  • Various advanced Folder options, like system scanner disabler or non-unicode tag encoding selection
  • Sorting for folders/files/system library songs
  • Album art options: animation, download options
  • List item/menu click options
  • Headset
  • Scrobbling
  • Lock Screen customization
  • Advanced Tweaks, like Audio Buffer Size, Audio Focus Change options
  • Various Look and Feel tweaks, like screen orientation, Status Bar options, etc.