Perform A Few Dips Or Chins

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A pull up dip station combination is by far the best possible way to perform dips and chin ups. We can use other equipment like bars that fit in between doorways but they are not as safe or as productive as a free standing station.

With a dip and pull up stand or station we have about he most versatile piece of equipment we can get to greatly improve our muscular size and strength. Many trainees overlook the importance of using body-weight exercise thinking they do not offer enough resistance.

Watch them as they struggle to them even perform a few dips or chins. It takes some time to become strong enough to perform a full set of 12 reps in these excellent exercises but they lead to some serious growth. You will find that the station can also be used for a variety of abdominal exercises as well and this makes them well worth purchasing.

What we will find is that a sturdy piece of equipment like this allows us to perform our training safely. Many other pieces of equipment can see us wobbling about trying to keep our balance but a dip and chin station should be heavy enough and sturdy enough to easily keep a fixed position on the floor with no wobble.

Used properly they are the best way to perform chins and dips and will lead to some very good results. We will get much bigger in the chest and back as well as improving the size of our triceps, biceps and shoulders. These body-weight exercises really should be as part of any trainees regime and for many they are a much better option than performing bench press and barbell rows. Both of which can put too much strain in the wrong places and can also lead to injury if not performed safely in a good quality power rack.

Exercise resistance bands – If you regularly exercise at home, using exercise resistance bands can be an easy way to increase the effectiveness of your workout without having to spend a lot of money on exercise equipment or weights. They can be used for the same exercises as you would do with free weights such as bicep curls, lat pull downs, or triceps extensions and come in different resistances, so you can increase the resistance as you progress in the same way as you would with weights.

Using resistance bands is difference from using weights as the resistance remains constant throughout the exercise, unlike free weights where gravity plays a part. The motion and resistance is similar to gym machines that use cables such as Bowflex and feels harder than using free weights because of the constant resistance. Exercise bands can give a wider variety of exercises than free weights as you can change the direction of resistance depending on where you place the band. What are the advantages of exercise resistance bands?

They are easy to take with you so if you travel a lot they are more convenient than weights. You can pack them into your case and use them in a hotel room or even on the beach. You won’t have to seek out a gym every time you are away from home.

They are much cheaper than free weights and come in a range of different resistance levels. They can be combined to give a wide range of resistances or you can buy extra bands as your strength increases.

They can be used by people of difference fitness levels from beginner to professional athletes.

They give your workouts variety as you can change the position in many different ways.

They are good as weight bearing exercise for increasing bone density.

One good easy to incorporate them into your workout routine is to buy an exercise DVD that uses exercise resistance bands.

They increase strength and tone muscles.

Strength training with resistance bands or using them to tone muscles is an excellent way to increase your fitness level. They won’t cost much and you will soon adapt to the differences between using free weights and exercise resistance bands in your workout routine.