Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management – the aggressive way

Pay-Per-Click, in short PPC is the aggressive way of bringing traffic to your web site. How is it done? The philosophy is to pay to the visitors who click on your link at others’ websites. There are several companies who allow your links at their website and charge you for it.


The Charge Is Vary

The charges vary from site to site but mostly it is directly proportionate to the number of clicks on your website link. You pay the website owner who has taken up the link of your website while that website owner pays the visitors on a per click basis. So visitors click the links being lured by dollars while you stand to gain a substantial incoming traffic. PPC not only helps you a forced display of your products and services but also increases the hit-count or Page view of your site enormously, which in turn draws the attention of all search engine crawlers.

PPC Methodology

We have noticed even the big corporate giants use the PPC methodology when launching a new product or service or coming up with some special discount offers or package deals. Like Citibank and Reliance have trusted on the PPC method at different times for promoting their package or new services. In reality, you come to a contract with some PPC site and the PPC website displays your Advertisement/ link, which when clicked by the registered users of their sites.

PPC Campaign

So, what should you look forward to when going for a PPC campaign? Surely it is a huge increment in your page views. Which one should be the potential PPC site? You should look for a website which has got huge registered users and also try to enquire whether they pay properly or not. Remember again, a lot of SPAM sites have come up, who never pay up. So, don’t forget to do a thorough research about whether the site has been blacklisted or have been recognized as a SPAM. In such a cases your entire effort will go in vain.

Once you have decided on the site you should come to a contract with the site owner and negotiate the terms. When you are completely satisfied then and only then should one go into participation with such a PPC program. You will also find a lot of SEO companies organizing special PPC campaigns/ programs periodically.

What should you display?

If your purpose is simply to promote the website, then obviously the home page should suffice. Again we will insist you for the right content which will draw the attention of the visitors. Generally PPC imposes a conditional duration of staying on the page like for a 30 second duration. We suggest the content should focus more on how the customer is benefited rather than what your company offers. If you want to go in for the promotion of your new product/ package you must draw the traffic to that particular page.

As PPC incurs cost, you must be prepared to utilize the campaign to the hilt!