When Can You Get Pregnant?

When Can You Get Pregnant?

A common question for many people is, “When can you get pregnant?” This question can be asked by individuals that want to try to avoid becoming pregnant, just like it is often asked by individuals that wish to conceive a child. That is why this article may help people among many different groups. Most women …

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Why can't I get Pregnant

Why can’t I get Pregnant

Not all individuals can get pregnant as quickly as they would like. Some individuals can conceive the first time that they try, while others may take a few months. Still, some couples have been trying to get pregnant for years, and they might find themselves asking, “why can’t I get pregnant”? This is a good …

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Best Miniature Dollhouse Kits

Best Miniature Dollhouse Kits

Children are perhaps the most creative creations of nature. They have got the knack of transforming nothing into amazing things. Subject them to constant brain-storming exercises, and you will see your little ones growing up quickly. They are very efficient and innovative when it comes to interior decorations and various kinds of art and craft. …

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Kids Safety when they Play Games Online

Kids Safety when they Play Games Online

Parents need to be protective of their kids when they are crossing the street, watching television, and accessing the internet. Similar to these examples, parents also need to monitor when kids play online games. Online games may seem innocent for a child to play, and parents may not monitor them while they play games. Internet …

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Angry Child

How to control your child’s anger

Your child will be developing anger as they develop; this is just a true fact. For a child to develop properly they must develop anger, however, teaching your child how to handle their anger is just as important to their development. Found New Knowledge As a child grows, his understanding of life grows as well. …

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Will I regret my decision of adopting a baby?

You’ll have moments when you’ll question your sanity! You’ll wonder if you’re cut out for this! You’ll cry! You’ll be tired! For me, though, I’ve never regretted it! Even in the midst of our “troubles,” even when I was locked in the bathroom crying while she was having a major tantrum, I only had superficial …

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The big one

So Elphie turned one! I don’t know how it happened, but somehow a year has flown by and my premature baby is on the cusp of becoming a toddler. I didn’t really expect the first birthday to feel like such a milestone, but it did. It was quite an emotional day, not least because Elphie …

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Mom And Daughter

The Plunge Toward Recovery

When I adopted my daughter in 1992, my greatest wish was to bring joy and happiness into the life of a small child. Joy filled my heart as I traveled to meet her and I believed that, with love, anything is possible. Little did I know the pain and suffering that her little heart, body …

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Haiti Adoption Program

“We are looking for families for children, not children for families.” Haiti Adoption Program Adoption-Link has partnered with a wonderful organization in Haiti called Foundation de L’Enfant Jesus (FEJ), since 2007 and placed over 50 children. They have two beautiful facilities located near Kenscoff and Lamardelle, Haiti that are home to healthy children and HIV+ …

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Anger Management For Kids

What are Effective Methods Of Anger Management For Kids?

Anger management for kids has become a crucially important factor in helping young people to cope with their education and life, as anger itself has become far more common. It is not known precisely why the number of cases involving angry reactions has risen as dramatically as it has. Still, it is almost certainly a …

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How To Identify Down Syndrome In A Child

How to Understand Down Syndrome – Symptoms and Causes

What is Down Syndrome? Down Syndrome is a group of physical and mental symptoms that are the end result of a person having an extra copy of Chromosome 21. A fertilized human egg has 23 pairs of chromosomes. However, a person with Down Syndrome has 23 pairs of chromosomes and one more chromosome 21, making …

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Most Commonly Asked Questions About Open Adoption

How do I know if adoption is the right decision for me? Adoption – even open adoption – isn’t right for everyone. Sometimes a woman facing an untimely pregnancy feels it’s best for her to raise her child. When a woman chooses adoption, it’s usually because she feels that adoptive parents who are eager and …

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