Panic Attacks in Children

Panic attacks in children are a heartbreaking ordeal for any family, and I’d like to share my personal story with you. After a freak thunderstorm early last spring, my 7-year-old son Daniel started having severe anxiety related to the thunder and clouds. Soon he was having panic attacks and refused to go outside altogether. This leads him to fear to be away from me during the day at school- for fear that a thunderstorm would strike. Pretty soon he couldn’t get on or off the bus. Then he couldn’t stay in school…

Panic attacks in children often start out with something traumatic to the child, like my Daniel and the thunderstorm. Within a short period of time, the anxiety mushrooms and soon the child becomes terrified of lots of things- sometimes in ways, we as parents can’t understand. The panic attacks associated with the weather morphed into separation anxiety that made going to school almost impossible for him.

The Doctors Were Ineffective

A holistic doctor came highly recommended by a mom at my son’s daycare. He gave us these holistic “remedies,” tiny white pills we had to put under Daniel’s tongue several times a day. By this time Daniel was hysterical in the morning and I had to carry him onto the school bus; his teacher had to help get him into the classroom once he got to school. He was also sleeping in my bed at night and could no longer participate in Tae Kwon Do or go to birthday parties.

This holistic doctor costs $150 to see once every 2 weeks, and I had to take my son out of school for the sessions and drive 60 miles each way. The end results- neither taking the remedies nor seeing the doctor helped us at all. I honestly didn’t know if this guy was the real deal or from Mars. After four sessions, this doctor said the whole family should be taking these remedies so we could all “heal together.” And this would cost $2000 a month. We never went back after that.

Panic Attacks in Children
Anxiety In Children

At this point, Daniel was refusing to go to school.

We went to the pediatrician who outright admitted she had no expertise treating panic attacks in children. I was grateful for her honesty, and she referred us to a pediatric psychiatrist, “Dr. Matt”. This doctor had credentials from a good teaching hospital and my husband and I were thrilled when he agreed to fit Daniel into his busy schedule. He didn’t accept any insurance, and so we were required to pay $200 cash for each 45-minute session.

Long story short, he wanted to talk to our son. Our son was afraid of him and wouldn’t talk back. He would cry and get hysterical every time I said we had to go see Dr. Matt. By the time we were in the office (another very long drive), Daniel was a mess. This doctor ended up prescribing Prozac for my little guy. It broke my heart to give dangerous medication to my little 7-year-old angel, but honestly, at that point, I didn’t know what else to do.

It was at this time, between appointments to see Dr. Matt, when I discovered the Anxiety-Free Child Program. I was on parenting forums looking for help and surfing the web when I found this site.

The Sales letter

The sales letter gave me a lot of hope, and I don’t even think I finished reading it before I clicked the buy now button. That’s how excited I was. The author of the program really spoke to me. He states that he was anxious as a child and because of it, he had a really difficult childhood (and adulthood). I know the statistics– untreated panic attacks in children can often lead to serious problems in life. Problems with making friends, socializing, and self-esteem. I also know that anxious children are more likely as teens to become involved with drugs and alcohol as a means to escape.

I have to say, this program was truly a Godsend for my Daniel. It gave me and my husband Bob the tools we needed to help Daniel ourselves. Children with panic attacks often don’t have the words to describe what’s happening to them. Which to me is exactly why traditional therapy failed us, in my opinion. How could Daniel talk to Dr. Matt when he didn’t have the language skills, didn’t know or trust the man, and third, was afraid of him and crying every time we went to an appointment?

I didn’t like the medication given

The fact that Daniel was taking Prozac every day went against every parental fiber in my being. It kept me up at night with worry. Because of this program, I stopped giving my son the medicine. Honestly, he wasn’t on it long enough to see any significant results, but not one day went by that I didn’t feel horrible and tremendously guilty for agreeing to it in the first place. Daniel was worried all the time and my husband and I were worried all the time. It was a horrible way to live.

We dove into the Anxiety-Free Child Program whole-heartedly. Right away, we were given step-by-step instructions to help Daniel turn off his worrisome thoughts and feelings. We were able to teach Daniel that the anxiety he felt was really just a trick. Now HE had the power himself to notice when this trick was happening, and instead of being tricked, he could use a powerful new response and feel good again. This new response was the path to his peace.

We were seeing results

One week after we started the Anxiety-Free Child Program, we canceled our next appointment with the child psychiatrist. Daniel’s anxiety and our lives had now taken a turn for the better. We were seeing results and making little victories every day. I could just see that Danielle felt “safe” again. He was able to get on the school bus and stay in school for the day without incident. This was no small feat for him at the time. Eventually, he went back to Tae Kwon Do. Panic attacks in children are terrifying for the child and absolutely baffling for the parents as well. At this point, Daniel wasn’t having any more panic attacks.

Panic Attacks in Children
Happy child

We also really appreciated the C.A.R.I.S. audios (Child Anxiety Relaxation and Imagery System) that were included: a CD made for Daniel to help him relax and seal his recovery. We listened to them in the car, and even played them softly when he was falling asleep at night. The greatest thing was that Daniel was able to feel better quickly- I really think this helped to build his confidence, especially in the beginning.

He’s now a happy child

It’s been over 10 months since we first started with the Anxiety-Free Child Program. Daniel is now back to being the school-loving, happy child he always was. Our family is stronger as a result, and the tools we learned in the program have empowered us going forward. I hope and pray Daniel never has to deal with anxiety or panic attacks again, and I truly think he won’t.

As a mother who’s been there, if your child is suffering from anxiety or panic attacks, my heart goes out to you. Panic attacks in children are misunderstood, and in my opinion, often not treated adequately by the medical community. Ignoring or medicating panic attacks in children will not make them go away. The program is thorough, effective, and easy to use. It costs less than one single session with any of the therapists we saw. Best of all, it’s available immediately via download so you can help your child right away.