You must visit the Panama Islands

No discussion of fishing in the Chiriquí Gulf would be complete without a description of Panama islands that provide such a rich habitat for the many species that congregate here. Also, the islands are a feast for the eyes as well as a challenge for the skipper, making a trip offshore from Boca Chica a varied and exciting experience all around.

Anglers who have spent many days fishing an endless expanse of monotonous water will appreciate a seascape that provides so many beautiful vistas.

Panama Islands — Boca Brava and Beyond

After leaving Boca Chica on the mainland, the first of the Panama islands encountered is called Boca Brava. Boca Brava is an inhabited island that has several lodges, houses, and small farms on it. Boca Brava is the only island that has electricity on it, supplied by a line that crosses over the channel to the mainland.

You must visit the Panama Islands

Isla Palenque

A small island just off of the southern end of Boca Brava is called Isla Palenque. It is the future home of a luxury eco-community that promises to be a fantastic location for enjoying this tropical paradise in the most environmentally friendly way.

South and slightly west of Boca Brava are the Paridas Islands. The largest of the many islands in this group is known simply as Isla Parida and is home to one of the Chiriquí Gulf’s best fishing lodges with easy access to the fishing grounds beyond. The Paridas can be a rich source of live bait before heading into deeper waters.

Panama Islands — Ladrones and Montuosa

Ladrones or “The Thieves” are the next group of Panama islands and are directly south of the Paridas. Ladrones is rich in biodiversity with many species, especially roosters and wahoo found in abundance.

To the east of Ladrones and just slightly to the north are the Islas Secas. An upscale resort is located here and has recently been shifting its focus to sport fishing; a logical move has given the great variety of fish to be found amongst this chain of islands.

Heading further into deeper waters further south of Ladrones and Las Secas is Montuosa Island. Montuosa is about a half-hour’s run from either set of islands heading south southeast or south-southwest, respectively. Often Montuosa is as far as your boat will have to go to target big game billfish or whopping tuna.

Montuosa is a gorgeous uninhabited island that will make your imagination immediately travel to “Castaway” or Robinson Crusoe. Read our recent article on why you should visit Almaty here.