Pacific Cycle Mountain Bike Reviews – The Widest Range Of Mountain Bikes In The Entire Bicycle Industry

Pacific Cycle, Inc. is an importer and distributor of bicycles. The company is a pioneer in the distribution of bicycles from the Far East in the United States, having developed relationships with suppliers in China and Taiwan. Currently, several well known bicycle brands are owned by the company, and it sells far more bicycles, including Pacific Cycle Mountain Bikes, than any other North American company.

About Pacific Cycle Mountain Bikes – The Company

Pacific Cycle does not see their company merely as a bicycle factory, rather they see themselves as an international designer workshop where bicycles are designed. They have a staff comprising of 100 individuals, and 20 of those individuals are the engineers. The aim of the company is to foster long relationships with anyone who opts to buy and ride their bicycles. They even encourage their customers to suggest new ideas so they can dreams and visions of bicycle enthusiasts to life. According to them, this is what has enabled them to hone a unique business strategy through which a powerful R&D platform is provided to more than 40 renowned bicycle brands from around the world.

Pacific Cycle Mountain Bike Reviews
Pacific Cycle Mountain Bike Reviews

What To Consider When Buying Pacific Cycle Mountain Bikes?

Considering the number of bicycle brands that are owned by Pacific Cycle, choosing a mountain bike distributed by the company would not be an easy task. So ask yourself the following three questions and you will surely make the right choice.

1. Why are you purchasing a mountain bike?

Good reasons to buy a mountain bike include the ability to exercise in an exciting way or spend time with friends who also have mountain bikes, or simply due to an interest in the sport of mountain biking. If you have similar reasons for buying a mountain bike, then you may proceed.

2. Where will you ride your mountain bike?

Where, in this case, refers to the kind of terrain you intend to ride your mountain bike on. A hardtail mountain bike will be sufficient to ride on a smooth single track. If you have an interest in cross country or downhill riding, you may need a full suspension mountain bike. You may also have to decide whether you want a mountain bike with 26-inch or 29-inch tires.

3. How much are you willing to spend?

Of course, you will only be able to buy the mountain bike you can pay for, but determining your budget will make the choice easier. Fortunately, Pacific Cycle mountain bikes come in affordable price ranges.

Top 3 Pacific Cycle Mountain Bikes

To save you the trouble of deciding which Pacific Cycle brand you should consider and which mountain bike you should choose, here are the top three choices.

1. Pacific Exploit Mountain Bike

Men’s Exploit Mountain Bike from Pacific Cycle is a 26-inch men’s mountain bike that you will be able ride quite easily on a wide range of terrains. It ensures that you maintain an athletic but comfortable position while riding, has large tires for stability and offers responsive handling. The frame of this mountain bike is made of steel as a result of easy control is provided and a wide gear range is offered by its 1-piece crank.

2. Pacific Cycle Chromium Mountain Bike

This Men’s Chromium Bicycle from Pacific Cycle is a dual-suspension mountain bike for men that is equipped with 26-inch wheels so you can be certain that you will be enjoying a comfortable ride, regardless of whether in the street or on the trial. A high-tensile handcrafted steel frame is featured by this 26-inch mountain bike, along with front and rear linear pull brakes, 18-speed multi-speed Index shifters, and a 3-piece mountain crank. This mountain bike also has an adjustable and quick-release seat, so the seat can be easily adjusted up and down in a matter of seconds to ensure utmost comfort. All of this makes this an excellent mountain bike for practically any application.

3. Pacific Women’s Stratus Mountain Bike

This Stratus mountain bike from Pacific Cycle with 26-inch is a choice exclusively for women looking for a basic mountain bike. It has the assures the same responsive handling and is equipped with the same large tires as theExploit mountain bike, which is proof that Pacific Cycle does not leave out the ladies. So women will be able to enjoy an equally comfortable and stable ride while seated on this women’s Stratus mountain bike.

The Verdict

You must keep in mind that Pacific Cycle is a brand that owns 40 different bicycle brands, so there certainly are plenty of choices when it comes to Pacific Cycle mountain bikes. You will just have to find the right one.