8 Hot Tips For Engaging Clients Attending Your Online Seminar

While live webinar software platforms try and give you some idea by logging an “attention report,” the real answer is that you don’t know for sure. More than 80% of people surveyed admit to multitasking while a webinar is on. I am sure if they had the opportunity at a live seminar to multitask, they would.

But the reason they don’t is that they know they are being watched. So what methods can you use to keep your audience engaged and glued to the screen while you are presenting your webinar?

1. Stand Up While You Are Presenting And Smile

Even though they can’t see you, the audience will hear your extra energy from this. Put a huge smile on your face before starting, and it will come through in your voice.

2. Use A Stick Strategy

That is, let everyone that they are going to get some fascinating information at the end of the webinar – so stick around. You need to create an element of ‘I better not leave this webinar in case I miss something.’ It’s like a university student attending a lecture who wants to go to the bathroom but decides to hold just in case the next bit of information will be in the exam.

8 Hot Tips For Engaging Clients Attending Your Online Seminar

3. Tell Your Audience You Can See When They’re Not Paying Attention

I know this one sounds harsh, but with most webinar software providers – you can see a message box that indicates who is paying attention to your webinar presentation. Most people don’t like to feel rude, so I find that if I simply say, “I can tell when you’re not watching from my control panel here, “then the fear of being perceived to be rude makes your attendees more attentive.

4. Use Polls

Webinar Polls Do Work!

I aim for 5-7 polls per 45-minute presentation.

On that note – the longest webinar you should run is 70 minutes (people have a short attention span)

5. Use Images As Much As Possible Instead Of Words

There are many ways you can put your webinar presentation together, but if you’re using Microsoft Powerpoint or Apple Keynote, try not to inflict “death by bullet point” on your audience. Aim to generate emotion at least once every 10 minutes. The emotion can evoke: excitement frustration stress fear happiness a sense of freedom etc

Instead of writing it out, use images. The fewer words you use on your PowerPoint presentation, the better. It’s far more essential to keep your slides simple when delivering a webinar than it is when you’re presenting to a live workshop audience.

6. Follow A Webinar Presentation Formula

Stick with this simple formula, and you won’t go wrong …

The Webinar Presentation Formula

  • Strong Introduction – something that will get them sucked in and glued to your screen for the next hour. Tell them they will get a lot from your presentation – it will be life-changing
  • Stick Strategy. Ensure they stay to the end. Bribe them somehow
  • Strong Introduction to you, the presenter. Explain why you are the best person to be teaching them this subject
  • 2-3 pieces of core content.
  • Don’t try to include too much …
  • Transition to close of your presentation
  • Close

7. Use Major Sub Headlines Throughout

Think about how a magazine that sits amongst all the others at a grocery store grabs your attention. If it doesn’t grab you from the front page, then the inside content is irrelevant – no matter how good the content is. A strong webinar title works the same way, and this is essential.

Then, it needs to have several exciting sub-headlines throughout the magazine that keep you engaged as after you have bought the magazine and you are reading it. A webinar is the same. Keep bringing the audience back to catchy headlines.

I will often say things like: “If there is one thing you need to take away from this webinar than its this next point, “or “Right. You MUST write down what I am about to teach you”, or “This next slide is going to shock you“ Keep the listeners’ interest aroused as much as possible

8. Use Humor In Your Webinar Presentation

Many people find this challenging, but it isn’t. Here are some ideas to use humor: Use a humorous image Share an “in” joke from the industry Make fun of yourself Use a silly poll that will get a laugh Play funny audio The key is if you are having fun – more often than not, your audience will be too. Here is to interactive webinars. Marketing your webinar is equally important, learn how to do it here.