How to Get Rid of Old Car Batteries

A car battery is something like a traction battery or a power source that provides energy to the vehicle. There are various types of batteries classified based on the Electrolyte solution being used. Some examples are the Lead-Acid batteries, absorbed glass mat type, and so on. These batteries are designed to last for Five-Six years. But after that, they need to be disposed of.

A dead battery is the most difficult of all to dispose of. Now comes the main problem -If they are not disposed at the right time, the battery might explode, causing severe damage. So, how do you get rid of old car batteries? Here are some useful tips:

Serious environmental effects

Car batteries contain a plethora of lead and sulphuric acid. Throwing away used car batteries can cause serious environmental effects. The old car batteries can be returned to the retailer when one buys a new battery. The retailer then takes care of the recycling.

How to Get Rid of Old Car Batteries

This is one method where one does need to get his hands stained, and it is the easiest method to get rid of old car batteries. But re-check that they recycle it rather than trashing them or dumping them in open grounds and seas.

Lead is recycled

In the recycling center, the batteries are crushed by huge crushers into small beautiful pieces. These pieces are then taken in a fluid tank that causes these pieces to either float or sink to the bottom, depending upon their densities. In the USA, 97% of lead from the used car batteries is reclaimed for recycling.

They can also be recycled safely by draining out the liquid lead and dumping them deep under the ground. The lead can be removed by connecting a tube to the terminals or solidifies by passing high currents. Once any one of these happens, it can be taken to unused or inhabited grounds and then dumped.

While carrying the drained battery to the dumping yard, extreme care should be taken. The battery should be put in an air-tight container, and if the electrolyte is a liquid, then the container must be water-tight.

Dump using leak-proof radiation containers

Even while dumping, these should be enclosed in leak-proof radiation containers. Otherwise, the radiation will affect the fertility of the soil. While handling these batteries, wearing Safety gloves and goggles is highly necessary because they can guard the eyes against hazardous radiations and their ill-effects.

An even plausible solution is to have its Jump boxes. It is a must to have these boxes around while traveling long distances. This can solve the problem of having another car to hook up the jumper cables. One should wear safety dresses to protect them from harmful radiation.

Check for any cracks

While jumping the dead batteries, it is a must to check for the presence of any cracks. If any, it is advised not to jump as it might cause an explosion, check if all the lights, radio, GPS, etc. are switched off before jumping.

Now turn on the ignition of the good car and allow it to run for a few minutes. Check if the interior light id turned-on. If not, keep running the car for a few more minutes. Once the dead battery is alive, remove the connections in the reverse order and check the running condition of the jumped-up vehicle.

Thus it is necessary to recycle or get rid of old car batteries as they pose a severe threat to nature and humanity. Proper care should be taken while disposing of them. The best option is to return the old battery to your retailer and get a new one. He would take care of the recycling process. You take good care of the new one. While you’re here read our article on building a battery USB.