All that you need to know about Nyaa torrent

We can all attest that TV shows and anime movies offer the most creative storyline. We possess a resonant and speculative world, restrained by an innovative but real character. Anime takes us through unrealistic and imaginary areas, where the whole movie can be a developed art.

Notwithstanding, we don’t mean everyone likes anime and that they are becoming accessible from Hollywood. But to those that anime matters, they have become their source of entertainment. Additionally, most of these anime lovers are turning to the web to find and download them.

When searching, sometimes people find it challenging to find the best anime. If they do get, some are redirected to download them or are required to subscribe for a fee. The good news is that by the use of torrent sites, you can get these animes for free. So what is the best torrent site to consider while looking for the best anime to download?

Concentrated on East Asia, Nyaa torrent is one of the leading anime-devoted torrent guides. The site covers everything from Chinese movies, Korean dramas to Japanese TV series, making it easy to use, find and download movies or foreign videos. It is actually the first website to offer anime movies, series, and episodes.

Many anime lovers visit the website every day to watch or download anime for free. If you visit the site regularly, you understand how easy it is to navigate the site, watch, or download the content for free.

Essentially, the Nyaa torrent website is easy to use. All its anime content is displayed well on the home page with lossy audio files and subtitles. It as well shows the torrent links, size of the file, and the date the file was uploaded. You only need to click on the anime episode you like and download it. All that is required is the BitTorrent client like Nyaa and a good internet connection. If the Nyaa site is not working in your area, then be sure that its domain is blocked.

Are you blocked from accessing Nyaa?

Basically, if you cannot access the Nyaa website, the chances are that you are blocked due to strict law enforcement, or the ISPs could have blocked its accessibility because their method isn’t ethical. Currently, the utilization of Nyaa is restricted in countries like UK, Japan, Sweden, etc.

Due to the love and the content available in the Nyaa website, many people have started looking for ways to access the site despite their country blocking its accessibility. Using these tricks doesn’t need any plugins, software, or script to unblock it. So to unblocking this site, you’ll need to have proxy sites or mirrors in hand.

List of the best Nyaa proxy

List of the Best mirror sites

Using proxy and mirror site to Unblock

Copyright issues are on the rise leading to the ban of some torrent sites, including the Nyaa in some countries. Since 2017, becomes inaccessible, and this geared to the creation of proxy and mirror sites that are used to access the mother sites.

Nyaa proxy and mirror sites are operated by the official Nyaa developers with the same torrent library but possessing a different domain. With this innovation, it is possible to have your favorite anime downloaded into your device safely and securely.

Alternatively, a VPN can be used to mask the IP address to hide your browsing history from the ISPs. Despite that, VPN can slow down the downloading speed, and multitasking doesn’t work sometimes. The best thing is investing in the best VPN. The use of a VPN, together with a premium VPN is a secure way to remain invisible in the internet world.

How to get the latest Anime in Nyaa torrent

Here is what you are required to do

  1. Consider using a torrent site like Nyaa to find good anime
  2. On your browser, enter
  3. You’ll find a drop-down menu where you’ll select Anime in the search button
  4. Click the seeder option on the sort category
  5. You’ll come across the sorted files in ascending order. You’ll find quality anime. Look for the titles that you are interested in and click on it.
  6. If you choose to watch Guilty Crown anime, just type that in the search option and click search.
  7. Similar to what you did initially, click the seeder option to arrange it, and you’ll come across the content with Guilty crown.
  8. Finally, click the download button and use the torrent program to open it.

Nyaa torrent alternatives

Pirate Bay

Pirate is one of the best torrent websites that offer a wide range of selection. It can offer content offered by the Nyaa website. Many torrent enthusiasts geared the site popularity for the last few years. Sadly, the accessibility of the site was restricted in some countries. Despite that, many proxy sites have been developed to make sure that people get the best. It undoubtedly offers many torrent anime episodes, series, and games.


Having replaced Nyaa, this option provides downloadable torrent like anime shows, series, episodes, movies, and much more. The great thing with this option is that it is well-designed to help the users find what they are looking for more easily. Besides, it offers enough collection of content, which is continuously growing slowly.

Kickass torrent

With a wide variety of content to offer, Kickass torrent is a great alternative offering not only great anime movies and games but also favorite TV series, shows, music, movies, and games.


Being a common torrent download indexer, Limetorrent comes with verified options like games, TV shows, movies, music, and, most importantly, high-quality anime movies, episodes, and games.


If you are an anime lover, considering the right torrent site is crucial. Nyaa offers exclusively top-notch anime series, episodes, movies, and games to keep you entertained. In case the site does not work in your country, you can consider using proxies and mirrors to unblock the restriction.
Above all, consider investing in the right VPN to help you completely mask your IP address and location from the ISPs or the law enforcement agencies.