Why Diamond Engagement Rings Are Not Enough!

Traditions are made to be broken, so even if diamond may be a traditional choice, there have been several instances when people have opted for gemstone engagement rings. However, the fact is that this is a tradition that came into vogue very recently and probably because a huge diamond deposit was discovered in South Africa around 1870. It is believed that a major advertising campaign was started to raise demand for diamonds; by the De Beers group that associated these sparkling stones with love and marriage. Though initially, this campaign was not so successful, it eventually managed to change the culture of marriage.

Demand for Diamond engagement ring shows a decline

Now, many people have seen through the ploy, and the tradition of the diamond ring seems to be weakening. Many couples are now opting for something other than diamonds for their engagement. The experts attribute this shift to many factors like difficult economic times, the awareness of blood diamonds, and a very primary reason lack of individuality that everyone looks for in their engagement ring. Also, some consumers now know that diamonds are not so rare and that the prices are kept high artificially, by the lobby that is in charge of distribution and supply of diamonds.

Engagement Rings

The trend for Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

As we have already mentioned that people these days are looking for alternatives, colored gemstones are a good option. The main reason for it is that these engagement rings are available in a broad range of colors and also varied styles, sizes, and economical price. Even with many celebrities choosing colored stone engagement rings, it has become a fashion trend. Among the various colored gemstone engagement rings, sapphires have become a prominent choice. The most famous ring has been the blue sapphire and diamond ring that Prince Charles gave to Lady Diana on their engagement in 1981, and that same ring was given to the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton by her Husband, Prince William.

Ruby Engagement Ring

But all royals picked sapphires; when Prince Andrew, the younger brother of Prince Charles, got engaged to his fiancée Sarah Ferguson he chose a pigeon’s blood ruby engagement ring in 1986. More recently, Jessica Simpson opted for the red gemstone.

Challenges in shopping for a gemstone ring

However, buying a gemstone engagement ring is not so easy. The biggest problem is that the jewelry industry has not been very enthusiastic about marketing colored gems for engagement rings. So while diamonds are readily available, very few retailers deal in gemstone jewelry. Celebrity couples usually buy a colored stone from a specialized gems dealer and then get it set by a jeweler in a design of their choice. Though how some stores are offering this facility to their customers. These customized rings are exclusive.

Another challenge is that not all gems are strong enough to be worn on a day to day basis, so it is advisable to check out the qualities of the stone before opting for the ring. Based on hardness and durability, the top choices are ruby and sapphire. Other suitable options include garnet, aquamarine, tanzanite, etc.

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