Netflix proxy – Does it bypass the block?

Today, the use of Netflix is increasing as more and more people are in the search to find their favorite movies and TV shows. Despite being a massive and global network that offers a lot of content, not everybody can access the content. For instance, Netflix users in Australia may have full Netflix access than people in the UK or the USA. Why the case? Mostly, it all depends on the licensing agreement between the countries. To show content legally in Netflix, the Netflix Company should sign an agreement of distribution with any company having the legal rights to the content. Additionally, Netflix must pay for that content to be licensed. So if there isn’t a secured agreement between the content owner and Netflix, then the distribution of that movie or show becomes illegal in particular geographical locations.

The good news is that today, technology advancement has geared to the invention of ways to mask IP addresses so that people can access any service they want across the globe. People are using proxies and VPNs to get into Netflix and watch whichever movie they want. Unlikely, Netflix has banned the use of VPN and proxies in their site. So whenever you try using it, sometimes, you’ll get an annoying pop-up error message m7111-5059 and a frustrating message stating that you are utilizing proxy or unblocker.

Why get the Netflix proxy error?

Generally, people get Netflix proxy error when utilizing either a proxy or a VPN. Some cases have been reported where individuals using proxies or VPN get Netflix site error while watching or trying to watch their favorite movie. However, that is basically because their ISP is utilizing a similar IP that is as well used by a VPN.

Before the global rollout, people connected proxies and VPN to access other region’s Netflix libraries. The US Netflix library is especially popular because it offers a newer and extensive catalog of TV shows and movies. Acting as a middleman, Proxy is designed to connect your device and Netflix. Instead of connecting to Netflix directly, internet data is first connected through a proxy server. When connecting to Netflix or other sites, the user seems to be connecting from the proxy server. For instance, if you are from Canada and want to watch USA Netflix, you can get connected through a USA server. Put, VPNs work similarly but usually in encrypt data.

Typically, Netflix began blocking all the proxies and VPN connection in early 2016. The blocking was done to enforce its copyright issues. Even individuals who utilized proxies or VPNs to connect to Netflix get this annoying proxy error despite unblocking other content from other regions.

Basically, Netflix has done a lot of work in increasing its international libraries. However, in some countries, the Netflix content is not available for other regions; hence the high demand for unblocking.

How to bypass the Netflix proxy error

Definitely, the creation of a digital block that is not easily hacked is on the rise, and Netflix is no different. All you’re required to do when Netflix proxy error pop-up while streaming is to consider switching the proxy server or changing the VPN, which should be within that region. For instance, if you are accessing through Los Angeles, try a San Francisco server. Similarly, when accessing through Amsterdam, consider switching to Paris.

When considering the switch, there are basically two-aspect involved that makes the process a lot easier. The initial thing is that Netflix is busy working to hunt the IP addresses that seem to come from proxies and VPNs. Therefore, if you have a proxy server that is working, you might not be lucky because it will not last for too long. Now and then, expect to have Netflix proxy error and get a new server.

The second thing is that several services advertising themselves as the best VPN for Netflix are unquestionable. The reality is that unblocking into Netflix services is the primary reason why individuals sign up for VPNs. Although not all the VPNs will bypass the proxy error, some of them can help avoid the mistake. NordVPN and ExpressVPN may be the right VPN to consider, but even while using them, you’ll need to keep on dancing from time to time. The good thing is that the dance won’t be as much compared to other options.

Other options worth considering are the Vy.prVPN, CyberGhost, and Windscribe, but the Windscribe free plan has an open layout that doesn’t provide Netflix access.

List of proxies that work with Netflix

There are no proxies that work with Netflix. On a side note, proxies can’t compare to the VPNs. Currently, people are busy creating proxies that will work with Netflix. So if you are in a location where you can’t access other countries’ Netflix content, you’ll have to consider using the right VPN.

Best VPN that works with Netflix


It is best to help you unblock many countries, including the UK, US, and Canada. It allows you to connect up to three devices on macOS, Android, Linux, Windows, iOS, Amazon file TV, and specific wifi routers. If you are not particular about the server to utilize, you can reach out to live chat support available 24/7 and get the answers.


Fast speed
94 countries available servers
24/7live support chat
Reliable unblock to Netflix
Sturdy security
Encompass standalone DNS


Connect to three devices only at one time
Somehow expensive


Unblocking up to 6 countries, NordVPN is ideal for Netflix catalogs and any other server you’d love to unblock. Essentially, most of the servers will redirect you to the Netflix US, which is the popularly known library. The good thing with NordVPN is that it enables you to connect simultaneously up to 6 connections on macOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Windows, iOS, and Linux.


Fast connecting speed
Strong security
Unblock on many servers
Up to 6 simultaneous connections
Zero log policy


Desktop apps are somehow sluggish.


Despite the blockade of Netflix, the utilization of VPN seems to beat the restriction. With some VPN being improved every day, it is expected that people will soon watch Netflix movies without any technical errors.
For a better, quick, and reliable fix, consider using the right Netflix VPN.