Nassau Yoga – A Treasured Experience

One should not be hasty when purchasing a mat and should have enough time to test the quality. Yoga is a great exercise which can be done from practically anywhere with ease. Nassau Yoga – a Treasured Experience Nassau being the paradise island, is the home for the Bahamians and perhaps one of the best-treasured wealth of the world.

The pleasant atmosphere, awesome collection of elegant architecture and the expansive nature of Nassau themselves acts as an effective purifier of mind and soul. Nassau is of great significance as far as the subjects of yoga and meditation is concerned.


Swami Vishnu-Devananda

The great yoga Guru Swami Vishnu-Devananda had once been to Nassau, where in a yoga retreat, he dreamt of something very dreadful while performing meditation. In his dream he found that a large flock was rushing madly in terror, trying to escape from a huge fireball. To save the humanity from such fire of rampant sufferings from the restless souls, Swamiji founded the T.W.O (True World Order) with a vision to promote worldwide peace and understanding.

In Nassau, yoga centers, or ashramas, are found in abundance that carry out the dedicated trainings of the asanas and yogas from different traditions, but performing the yoga alfresco in the expansive Nassau beach is really a unique experience.

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat

The Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat is a peaceful venue at the Paradise Island and is treated to be a genuine and authentic Nassau yoga center. Their program not only includes general yoga classes but also provides an ayurvedic (herbal medicinal) cooking course. As far as the yoga courses are concerned, the Sivananda Ashram the best Nassau Yoga Center, provides the in-depth training on the subjects of Yoga Teachers Training, Yoga Certification Courses, Yoga Therapy Courses, Ayurvedic and Nutrition Courses and above all the Yoga Professional Accreditations.

Nassau Yoga Centers

There are lots of other well established yoga centers in the county of Nassau. This has encouraged a series of online companies that market to the Nassau yoga centers. Among the best Nassau yoga centers worth mentioning are Studio Y wellness, where Ana Suric along with few other highly skilled yoga experts impart dedicated know-how of the techniques of ISHTA and Hatha Yoga.

The other fabulous Nassau Yoga school is Matrix Fitness Club, which gives high quality yoga training while maintaining the traditional art. In the Matrix Fitness Club, the trainers offer the highly scientific courses regarding the traditional method of breathing techniques and the wide range of simple to complex asanas. The third one is the famous Eastern Athletic Club that provides the facilities for the group classes of Yoga and asanas. There are many other such dedicated yoga studios at Nassau, but yet it is beyond every doubt that the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat has filled all the gaps as far as the yoga at Nassau is concerned.