What Makes Muay Thai Totally Different From Other Martial Arts

Martial arts come in a number of styles and originate from many different countries. A particular martial art that’s very unique is Muay Thai or Thai Boxing from Thailand. This form of martial art was created by ancient Thai soldiers. It is a martial art that uses bone crushing techniques which are devastating.

It is employed by most of the top defensive teams across the world like the Navy Seals, Thai military and the CIA. For people who are interested in Kickboxing & Muay Thai, there are kickboxing classes in colorado springs available at many different locations around the county.

Belts are earned in competitions!

Instead of earning belts depending on the knowledge of their skills like other martial arts, Muay Thai students earn theirs’ in legitimate competition. The one interest students in Muay Thai have, is the championship belts they can win, proving their dominance in fighting, and it has been this way since Thai fighting began.

What Makes Muay Thai Totally Different From Other Martial Arts

Although other martial arts do feature striking-type abilities, it is far more powerful in Muay Thai. The main focus is on powerful punches, elbows, and kicks but not so much on grappling movements. A rival may be taken down by a single shot from a Thai fighting student, and that one kick or elbow could bust bones or even kill.

No grappling

Muay Thai was developed on ancient battlegrounds, grappling and submission holds were not used, because there was always more than one opponent. The need for a martial art that was dependable became a need since the attackers had sword-fighting skills.

This extreme war situation forced the creation of moves that were quick, hard and extremely precise. Eventually, Muay Thai became extremely fast and intense and had an extraordinary system using weapons like swords, spears, and sticks.

It looked like Muay Thai was creating submission and grappling techniques but it never quite occurred since it became a ring sport. Numerous martial artists used the methods learned from Thai fighting with kick boxing.

Different from other martial arts

Muay Thai is much distinct from the other martial arts, which put emphasis on striking. Muay Thai has very accurate movements for knees and elbows which you won’t find in other martial arts. All over the world, boxers and stylists worry about the Thai techniques that are used with the knees and elbows.

It is important that the legs be well-conditioned to become effective in kneeing and kicking. It can be quite painful to condition the shins, but when the nerves are conditioned for impact, the shins could become just like a baseball bat. The sound of the impact and the movements demonstrated is rather remarkable to experience.

With several years of proper and intense training, a student of Muay Thai can become an impressive weapon. For this reason, by far the most dreaded martial arts on the planet is Muay Thai. It is one of the very best martial arts for defense and competition found in the world today.