Mounts & Drives Introduction / Purchase

Internet Telescope Exchange is pleased to offer an excellent and varied line of cost-effective telescope mounts and drives to complement our expanding range of fine Russian, German, Japanese, and Chinese-made telescopes. In the realm of mounts and drives, the adage holds true, “you get (exactly) what you pay for.”

To meet the varying needs, desires, and budgets of all of our customers, We offer three types of mount and drive systems. A line of the economy mount and drive systems, a range of medium-priced mount and drive systems, and a line of observatory-class robotic mount and drive systems, that will rival those at the world’s finest observatories.

Economy Mount and Drive Systems:

For economy-minded or beginner amateur astronomers who are in need of a basic mount with an RA drive for visual observations of the vast universe, we are pleased to offer a line of fine mounts that are marketed under our own “FIRST MAGNITUDE” ™ name.

These economical mounts can accommodate telescope tubes up to 15 pounds in weight. They are crafted in Taiwan, China, to ITE’s specifications. They are comparable in quality and performance to the more familiar (and often, more costly) units sold by well known US telescope manufacturers and astronomy equipment mailorder houses.

Medium Priced Mount and Drive systems

For the more advanced amateur astronomer who wants a better mount for the investment along with dual axis drives, ITE is pleased to offer a selection of mid-range mounts and drive systems by LOSMANDY ASTRONOMICAL PRODUCTS and by PARALLAX INSTRUMENTS. Both of these lines are crafted in the USA. The PARALLAX Series 100 GEM and the LOSMANDY GM-8 units can accommodate OTAs up to 30 pounds.

Mounts & Drives Introduction / Purchase

They feature heavy-duty machined parts along with the easy setup. The PARALLAX Series 125 Mount can accommodate OTAs and ancillary equipment up to 60 pounds. For CCD imaging and astrophotography, the LOSMANDY and PARALLAX mounts provide rock-solid stability and consistently good performance.

Observatory-class Mount and Drive Systems

For the advanced amateur or the professional astronomer who wants the ultimate in stability, tracking, and full robotic performance, ITE is pleased to offer the PARAMOUNT ™ GT-1100 by SOFTWARE BISQUE. The surprisingly affordable PARAMOUNT GT-1100 puts a sophisticated robotic telescope system within reach of schools, colleges, universities, and the advanced amateur alike.

The PARAMOUNT GT-1100 can accommodate telescope payloads up to 75 pounds (actually more, but we like to be conservative). It comes complete with the TCE-1 robotic control system that enables you to program and control the telescope from your PC. Imagine programming a full night’s viewing or CCD imaging from your computer keyboard.

Set up and then walk away from the scope, have dinner, watch a Paroit mystery on A&E with your wife, and step back to your computer screen to review the CCD images you have robotically captured while doing other things! Who knows, this mount may improve your marriage as well as your knowledge of the universe!

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