Mountain Bike Riding In Cold Weather

When people go riding their mountain bikes off-road and into nature, they often forget to bring the correct gear. One of the most important things that people forget is to bring protective clothing. The issue here is a simple one and is completely understandable. When mountain biking, especially in a rugged area, a person will tend to really exert themselves. No matter how cold the temperature is, they will feel hot. They will then start to sweat and as a result get themselves and their clothing wet. Needless to say this is when the danger can set in. This is especially true if the individuals have traveled a long way into the course. So to address this concern a biker should really consider wearing or carrying the follow clothing items on their mountain bikes as they ride.

Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike


This are especially socks is very important. The issue here is that in rugged terrain there is often the presence of water or even snow. Your feet, being closest to the ground and on the pedals, will be sure to pick up some the moisture and become wet. You might not feel it as first, but when the water mixes with cold weather, it will eventually take its toll. If you are far from your start point the trouble can be serious. To combat this it would pay to have an extra pair of socks to change into.


In a similar related area is the use of gloves. Much like the footwear it is important to make sure to have protection for your hands. Like your feet, once they become too cold it is hard to warm them up again. Needless to say, it becomes very hard to ride a bike once one’s hands have become numb. To address this it is a good idea to pack a pair of gloves in one’s supply pack. They are usually light weight and can really make the difference if the weather turns bad. One item to note though is that you must make sure your gloves will allow you to operate bike’s brakes and gears. The gloves must be both warm and functional at the same time.

jacket or Torso Protection

Lastly, one of the biggest and most important pieces of clothing is the jacket or some sort of torso protection. People tend to not want to bring this article of clothing along as it can be hard to store and rather bulky. They assume they will be exerting themselves the whole time and their own body heat will keep them warm the entire ride. It is not hard to imagine a situation where one gets far out into the ride and the bike breaks down. The rider is no longer exercising so the body temperature will start to drop. Without the proper jacket of pullover one could find themselves in a serious situation.


In conclusion it is easy to see that if one is going to go on a mountain bike ride in an off-road area they need to be prepared. A little extra planning and the right mix of clothes might make the difference in a pleasant ride and a potentially dangerous situation.