Mountain Bike Magazine

Mountain bilking enthusiasts take a different approach to their favourite activity; some like being alone with the rough side of nature, whilst others take pride in showing off their skills in exciting races, such as BMX racers. But one thing unites them, and that is the love for this great sport, and the eagerness to learn more about it and accumulate more experience. Since its creation and the start of its development, BMX has rapidly spread and it’s now one of the most frequently practiced forms of mountain biking, and as it’s so popular worldwide, its devotees are thrilled by the existence of BMX-oriented magazines, which bring them the latest news from all over the globe.


In addition to news reports, you will find plenty valuable advice on the training suitable for beginners, protective gear, accessories and safety tips.

Also, you will be guided towards identifying the perfect bike for your chosen landscape, by getting indications regarding its optimal weight and amount of suspension.

BMX publications

In the UK, Dig BMX Magazine has been providing fans with coverage of a multitude of races for over fifteen years, its conscientiously documented content being released six times each year, and as a bonus offers a free T-shirt to every subscriber. This publication is renowned for its photographs, capturing moments of high intensity and greatness and exemplifying the most daring moves and stunts.

It’s no secret that the French have some of the most favourable terrains for mountain biking and are mad about racing; that is why one of the best contemporary BMX publications comes from France, namely Cream BMX Magazine, with a history of no less than ten years of illustrating the talent of BMX racers from all corners of the Earth. Like Dig BMX Magazine, it is bi-monthly, and a scrupulous research goes into its complex articles, as it takes you beyond the surface of the practicing of this mountain biking style and reveals its subcultures.


One of the most audacious sports in existence, mountain biking is the materialization of the philosophy daredevils live by, which can be summed up as the denial of physical limits and belief that fear is only in the mind. If you’re one of those who can’t live without the rush of adrenaline generated by dangerous jumps and drops on a rough landscape, where the only friend you can depend on is your bicycle, these magazines will take you back to your comfort zone.

First of all, as any passionate biker, you shouldn’t miss the periodicals that are completely dedicated to your indispensable companion, such as The Bike Magazine, What Mountain Bike Magazine and The Bicycle Buyer Magazine, which will clarify any doubts you might have regarding the optimal type of bike you should buy. As you know, every kind of mountain biking requires a different weight and amount of suspension, which has a great bearing on the easiness to surpass obstacles and efficiently cross a variety of landscapes. To guarantee that your journey is as smooth as possible, make sure you choose the suitable type.

If you’re looking for a publication that covers the vast area of mountain biking as an ensemble, among those regarded as being top quality are Mountain Bike Rider Magazine and Mountain Biking Magazine, where you can catch up with the recent competitions and their results, read about the best rated tracks worldwide and join the ranks of champions by following the advice they give in cleverly written interviews. For a glimpse of the events that mobilize the large mountain biking community from across the ocean, check out Mountain Bike Action USA Magazine and Mountain Bike USA Magazine.

Subdivision of Mountain Biking

And if your interests are focused on a certain subdivision of mountain biking, the likes of Singletrack Magazine, Dirt Magazine and Dirt Bike Rider Magazine will take you deeper under the surface of your favorite sport, offering a multitude of useful tips from experienced riders and also the most active venues where you can show off your skills and connect with other biking addicts. As it’s so popular and draws the attention of masses of riders and fans from all over the world, BMX is never going to be depleted and there are many successful publications exploring its every aspect, such as Dig BMX Magazine, Cream BMX Magazine and Ride BMX Magazine. For more detailed accounts of events taking place on the local BMX scene, Ride UK BMX Magazine will provide you with well-structured coverage in every issue, whilst if you’re curious about the latest happenings from overseas, skim through the pages of Ride BMX USA Magazine.

Extreme sports tend to fascinate many and also draw criticism based on safety issues, especially from the so-called “fun police” attempting to establish your boundaries. One might say they are about rebellion as much as adrenaline, and are embraced by people who won’t accept to live within the perimeter drawn by others. If you trust your abilities more than you trust others’ take on them, reading publications written by and for people who understand you will be a breath of fresh air.