Mountain Bike For Kids

When selecting a mountain bike for kids there are many different factors you need to think about. The first thing you need to think about is the age are they just beginners to mountain bikes or have they had a mountain bike for a while. If they are new it is probably a good idea to start off with a slightly lower priced mountain bike.

As you do not know how much they will use it plus the fact that they will probably grow out of it quite quickly if they are very young. If on the other hand, they have had a mountain bike for a while you can now determine how much use the bike will get. What will it be used for E.G. cycling down the road to the local shops, going for long trips in the forest or competitive mountain biking I.E. mountain biking descents, competitive mountain bike races etc.

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If buying a mountain bike for your kids

All of these factors are critical to buying the right bicycle otherwise you could end up wasting unnecessary money in one of two ways. Buying an expensive bike that is hardly ever used for cycling, or that your kids grow out of in 6 months. Then you have to go out and buy another bike again soon after. Or if you buy a bike that is low price and not a high enough quality your child will maybe have an accident when something breaks, Lose their competitive edge in races due to inferior mountain bikes or just end up having to go out again in 6 months to buy a better quality bike as the one you bought is not up to standard.

You really need to balance up all these situations before deciding on a mountain bike for kids. It is also important to check the reviews of the bikes as well. If 10 people gave a mountain bike a 2 star rating check why and if so you better look at some more bikes before making your final purchase decision.

Many people don’t even look at the ratings or comments I think this is rather foolish as if the gears on 10 peoples mountain bikes gave way after 3 months likely hood is if you buy the same model of bike it will happen to you too. From the other perspective if 10 persons bought a bicycle and gave it a 5-star rating and had no mechanical failures for the first two years the same probably will be likely for you if you purchase the same make and model of bike.

So make sure you look at the mountain bike reviews as well before making that final decision we will be adding lots of new mountain bike for kids reviews over the coming months in order to keep up to date with them make sure you enter your email at the top right hand side of this page and confirm your email our updates will be sent out to you every two weeks.