Every day should be Mother’s Day

Hi all. Sorry for committing the cardinal sin of blogging and going MIA. This mamma got a new position at work as a marketing consultant and had to say so long to the four day work week. Well, I milked it as long as I could. And truth be told, my life has gotten a little easier now that the kids are older. They fight like bandits, and the whining makes me drink, but all in all, it does get easier—today anyway!

Well, it’s Mothers Day weekend, and I would like to dedicate this blog post to no one other than my mom! Over the years, I’ve written a lot about my dad. Being a daddy’s girl and watching him suffer through cancer treatment. And I’ve written of my mom-in-law and her struggle with breast cancer that has come back now in her bones.

My mom needs to be recognized!

And yes, I’ve mentioned my mom on occasion. Mostly about her “in” abilities in the kitchen and how I blame her for most everything in life that has turned out poorly. But even though she doesn’t have a deathly disease, she deserves to be recognized.

I remember my Grandma Elsie, and what kind of a lady she was. Even though she passed when I was a young adult, I still have so many great memories of her. What I remember most from my “Grammy” is that every single holiday we could always count on some random company being included in our holiday plans. You see, that was the kind of lady my Grammy was.

Every day should be Mother’s Day
A mother

She was always giving to others. If the neighbors had nowhere to go for Christmas, she’d invite them over. If someone were down on their luck, she’d fill a bag of groceries from her “storeroom” and give them everything they needed. If a random stranger she met didn’t have enough money to buy clothes for their newborn, she would knit them clothes.

That was my Grammy. She would have given the shirt on her back if someone needed it. I remember asking my mom one Thanksgiving, “who are these strange people here?” And she would tell me that Grammy always had an open door. And she would not expect a dime or favor in return.

I miss my Grammy.

I wish I had the chance to learn more from her now that I’m grown. She was a strong woman with a heart of gold. The best thing to come from my Grammy- Is my mom. My mom is my Grammy’s daughter’s hands down. I remember being in high school, and my friends and boyfriends would always confide in my mom. She would talk with them for hours about their issues and never judge, just offer advice to those who needed it.

And over the years, my mom has become more and more like her mom. During the last few years since my dad’s cancer diagnosis, my mom has put her entire life on hold. She has been the caregiver for my dad’s day in and day out. She was never expecting anything in return, just giving unconditionally, like her mom.

I know it’s been rough on my mom, and never how she dreamed she’d spend her much deserved retirement years. But she doesn’t complain. She is always there for my dad and my sister and me. She loves her five grandkids more than anything in the world. She helps with the kids daily and is involved in every aspect of their lives.

People call my mom every day to tell her about their problems. She listens, she empathizes, and she offers support and advice. What does she get out of it? Nothing. That’s just my mom. Always there for anyone who needs her.

My mom is not perfect.

In fact, from about the ages of 14-18, we had a LOT of conflicts. But never has it become so bright what a wonderful person she is since I became a mom. Suddenly, I realized all she sacrificed for us, how she committed her entire life to care for others. How incredible she was to give us such a fantastic childhood. And now, I love my mom even more.

So in honor of Mother’s Day, I would like to say Thank You, Mom. Thank you for sacrificing for me and our family, thank you for always being there for me even to this day. And thank you for everything you do for my dad. I love you so much, mom, and also though I don’t always tell you, you are the person I strive to be.

I hope I, too, can be like you and Grammy and give to others so selflessly. You are beautiful and smart and the best mom I could ever ask for! I love you more today than ever, and I thank you, mom. Thank you for being you, a beautiful reflection of my Grammy. Wanna be an awesome parent? Read this article on how to gift newborn kids.

Happy Mother’s Day!