Most Expensive Domain Names Ever Sold

The most comprehensive way to define what an expensive domain name looks like is to simply say that it a single word that represents an entire industry. Any domain name of that sort is worth millions of dollars, and hence only the biggest of corporations can afford to buy it.

To summarize things, most of the most expensive domain names are those related to pornography or escorts followed by gambling and investment guides. is the most valuable domain name to have ever been sold, and the current owner Brain Sharples considers it a minimal price to pay to halt this domain name from going to their competitors named Expedia.

The stated domain name got sold for 35 million that is the most in history. The deal took place in the year 2007, it is also worth mentioning that the domain names of more popular websites like Google, Facebook and others are worth in billions but since they never got sold, so they are not counted in the list at hand.

The 30.18 million domain!

In the year 2012, was sold to a private airline that offers elite services of aero transportation. Before this, in the year 2009, second place was held by that was sold for 16 million, much amazing to be the cost of website name back in those times. was considered being the best domain name for a website that had something to do with sexuality, either discussing it academically or only porn; it was hence regarded as worth jaw-dropping 14 million when it was sold to the current owner in the October of 2010.

At a high price of 11 million was sold in the year 2011. However, the owner of the website did not publicly say about how much he paid for the domain name. The figure stated above is just a guess made by those who could in those days. The domain now a day is worth far more than this, and the owner is not an ordinary fellow as well, he owns several hotels and resorts across the globe, and some of them are very high end too.

Most Expensive Domain Names Ever Sold

In the year 2008 and the investment markets had recovered almost entirely from the devastation that was caused by 9/11 in 2001. People got the idea to benefit significantly from investment opportunities in stocks and bonds and other marketable securities like Mercantile and Forex.

Hence in those days, a new idea of investment guides emerged that provided guidance and forecasting services to their subscribers about what will come off specific commodity prices. was therefore sold for 9.9 in the year 2008.

Facebook got increasingly popular, and that meant the person who owned the domain name had hit the jackpot. The large corporation realized that their designation as abbreviated FB would get carried away elsewhere, and hence they decided to buy all the identical domains.

Therefore the domain name was purchased for 8.5 million in the year 2010. and were both sold for 7.5 million because of both being single worded and very related to the type of business that can be expected to have held them. was purchased by a top-rated beer seller, not to mention a millionaire who could afford to spend 8 million for it and who ended up saving it from going into competitions hand.

In the year 2015 and those next to come, it can be expected that huge deals going up and over the figures stated above will be made.


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