Monster! Beats, DiddyBeats, HeartBeats and more!

The Monster Beats headphones are a line of iconic headphones designed in the famous Monster labs. Monster has often partnered with the masters of the music themselves to design these cans to not only produce great sound, but to match their own high fashion tastes that flow down to their fans.

Monster Headphones
Monster Headphones

Beats By Dre Models

We have so far seen the Beats by Dre models, DiddyBeats models and the Lady Gaga HeartBeats models. All these have almost unchallengeable spots in the hall of fame for best headphones. They are the epitome of style, elegance, fashion and great design.

If you are thinking they are just vain celebrity endorsements please think again. With the artistry of these music icons combined with Monster’s own knack for technological design and premier engineering, Monster has managed to develop stand-out headphones that bring not only great sound but also the theme and culture of the music to the user. Monster Beats headphones are no doubt some of the best headphones out there today. They have been successfully applied to diverse and demanding applications, and shared across users with different needs for headphones.

Monster Beats by Dre

Monster Beats by Dre models are reminiscent of the hip-hop culture that has been around since the 70’s to this very day. No one can assert to this more than the hip hop master himself, Dr. Dre.

Inline with the hip-hop culture, this range is equipped with trademark Monster cable and high performance drivers. They therefore feature great sound matched with strong long-lasting cable, features that allow you to enjoy hip-hop undeterred.

Monster has always been on-point with their strong cable. Great sound and comfort completes the picture too. Their wearability and the accuracy with which the headphones reproduce sound have led to them being considered the best headphones for DJs by many top entertainers. And they are not afraid to admit their tastes too!

I am not sure if we’re drifting in the same direction, but Monster Beats by Dre headphones are one of those pairs about which we can stop talking along the lines of ‘…these are meant for DJ’ing…’ and talk along the lines of ‘…these are used for DJ’ing….’. They are domestic and industry-standard cans for all the purposes they are applied to. Check out renowned French house producer David Guetta’s Beats Studio by Dr. Dre in the Without You ft. Usher video and Lady Gaga’s Beats by Dre in the video to Eh, Eh. (Nothing Else I Can Say). If I am wrong about the quality of these headphones, are all these musical geniuses wrong too? Check out one of our elite Beats by Dre models here… Beats by Dr. Dre Tour High-Resolution In-Ear Headphones.

Monster DiddyBeats

The models in this range are in line with Diddy’s slogan, ‘sound is life’. By adding other qualities like fashion and elegance to the Monster mix of quality and hardiness, many of the models of this range are right up there with the best headphones any kind of user could ask for. This is the 21st century. Every pair that would be considered as best headphones has to have great sound and its match in fashion too.

A major feature in the DiddyBeats range is the direct compatibility with the Apples (iPod, iPad, iPhone, iMac). The compatibility goes beyond just successfully fitting a jack into a port. The DiddyBeats were engineered with the Apples in mind. Sound reproduction is of premium quality even without headphone amps and without having to fidget with the equalizer settings.

Further attestation to the Apple connection is the innovative ControlTalk buttons that allow you to adjust volume and control the music, (i.e. next, pause, previous) and such. Oh, and how did we forget the high quality built in mic that can be used to take and make handsfree calls? For Apple lovers, the DiddyBeats are one of the best headphones they can have. That is also perhaps the reason why many of them, along with some Beats by Dre models, are featured on the Apple Store website. One of the DiddyBeats we reviewed recently is the Monster DiddyBeats Designer In-Ear Headphones.

Monster Lady Gaga HeartBeats

Lady Gaga sat down with Monster engineers to design a line that modeled her tastes in fashion and her style of music. The result of this partnership was an elite range called the Lady Gaga HeartBeats, some of the best headphones in as far as fashion and style are concerned.

A Lady Gaga HeartBeat already pleases the owner even before it is placed in the ears. The shiny pyramids excite the eye and dazzle the heart. Once they are in your ears, you will capture attention and retain it. And at the same time, you will be enjoying stunning audio quality!

For all intents and purposes, headphone cable has become one of the top parameters to consider for any kind of headphone user. This is exactly why all pairs that are considered best headphones for any user have to at least allow freedom of use. So far, Monster has never disappointed anyone with their great cable design.

Even with all this design for fashion and style, the Monster basics are still maintained in the Lady Gaga HeartBeats. The cable is flat and tangle free to ensure you do not break it while untangling. See one of our stellar Lady Gaga HeartBeats for yourself… Lady Gaga Heartbeats In-Ear Headphones.

Besides these celebrity-style headphones, Monster has blessed us with several other models. Be sure to browse our catalog to see some of the other models… They could turn out to be your best headphones!