Things to know about the Mercedes A-Class

The A-Class Mercedes concept is more or less 20 years old. The concept was simple: design a compact car that is light, sculptured, and innovative. They developed a car that had enough rear space to carry a family while it was made with an impressive taste. To embody the Mercedes brand, they manufactured these cars with accuracy.

Front-wheel drive

A five-door hatchback was the first generation of the A-Class Mercedes. The hatchback was equipped with a front-wheel drive and frontal impact absorption. This was a unique departure from the typical Mercedes design. Furthermore, electronic stability control and an upgraded suspension system put the A-Class in a category all its own. Mercedes didn’t stop there. However, the next generation kept evolving into more exceptional luxury.

Things to know about the Mercedes A-Class

The second wave of the A-Class Mercedes Benz was developed to be a three-door hatchback that sat lower to the ground than its predecessor. This automobile had several upgrades. A lot of different alternatives for airbags were launched, and the safety features of the car were enhanced drastically.

Advanced safety features

The second-generation car not only has rear side airbags, but it also has curtain airbags to protect the passenger as well as the driver. Furthermore, modified head restraints and super solid steel alloys round off the sleek design. This car goes at really high speeds due to the seven different kinds of motors and four-cylinder engines.

When the new 2013 A-Class Mercedes was revealed to experts, it got several rave reviews. The compact car era has been uplifted with this five-door hatchback. The aviation-inspired design and futuristic engineering have modified its predecessor’s features with astounding success.

The New features include LED signal lights, a lower suspension, a turbocharged engine, and a wider body. This Mercedes features a 210 horsepower engine with a dual-clutch transmission. In the showing of the new A-Class at the New York City Auto Show, the vehicle’s radar-based collision warning was introduced. This safety feature warns the driver about any potential collision.


This innovative technology is groundbreaking for the mini crossover vehicles that are in the marketplace these days and sure to differentiate the A-Class from the rest. Furthermore, the centralized display panel is ideal for syncing all of your smart technology and uses the touch screen design to keep you up to date with everything that is going on in your life and car.

The A-Class Mercedes concept has always been crucial in creating a vision for the compact cars on the market. The necessity for quality, space, and design is never sacrificed. The sleek and efficient features of the A-Class combine luxury with engineering.

The result is a line of concept cars that have successfully evolved over the years and continuously raised the bar on safety and power features. By including state of the art collision warning systems and brake assist, this automobile is also helping reduce accidents. This Mercedes isn’t just a small crossover, but a milestone for this famous brand.