Professional Grade Medical Cardiology Stethoscope

Professional Grade Medical Cardiology Stethoscope BV-13-74 Series by BV Medical is a classic latex free, stainless steel stethoscope designed for the professional medical setting and we have it in stock and ready to ship. The BV-13-74 Series comes to us from some folks who have in the past worked in a major roll for one of the largest U.S. distributors of some of the finest stethoscopes found anywhere in the world. Well, we are all in luck, these folks have left the original place of employment and are now going toe to toe with their previous employer by going direct to the manufacturing source and having this stethoscope built to compete in not only with superior quality but at a price that fits your budget. You can purchase this unit at a fraction of the price as other stethoscopes with less quality, with a different name on it and a much higher price. We assure you, you will not find a finer stethoscope anywhere with the quality of the BF-13-74 Series Stethoscope at the price we are offering this unit to you for.

Medical Cardiology Stethoscope
Medical Cardiology Stethoscope

The BV-13-74 Series cardiology stethoscope features premium quality stainless steel components for extended professional use and superior sound transmission.

This is a truly professional grade stethoscope at a fraction of the price of many competitive stethoscopes designed for the same setting. The BV-13-74 Series stethoscope also includes non chill rings to assure patient comfort and your purchase also includes two pair of eartips and one extra diaphragm. The overall scope length of the cardiology stethoscope BV-13-74 is 28 inches long. Look at this, there is a lifetime warranty on the chestpiece and binaural offered with purchase of this cardiology stethoscope and you will not be able to beat a lifetime warranty anywhere. If you find a BV-13-74 series cardiology stethoscope anywhere at a lower price, let us know, we will do everything possible to beat the competitive price and ship immediately.

We offer the BV-13-74 Series Stethoscope is available in three colors, Black, Hunter Green, and Navy Blue.

Please click on the links below and you will be directed to the page where you may purchase the stethoscope of your color preference and you will also find detailed information for the BV-13-74 Series stethoscope of your choice.


  • Premium quality steel chest piece and binaural offers clear sound transmission
  • Includes dual non-chill rings
  • Two pair of ear tips, and one extra diaphragm
  • Overall scope length of 28 inches long
  • Lifetime warranty on chestpiece and binaural
  • Latex Free
  • Medical Stethoscope BV-13-74 Series by BV Medical
  • Click any link below for detailed information and the color you prefer
  • Black – BV-13-747
  • Hunter Green – BV-13-745
  • Navy Blue – BV-13-741

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