Male Sexuality Facts

What identifies a human male as a MAN? Some men find it hard to pinpoint what it is that makes them different as a member of the male sect. Others have no problem with their identity, and may, at an exceptionally young age, be able to identify themselves with their initiated roles and functions in society.

Some may have egregious ideas about such roles, but by and large such ideas are rooted in their social nurturing and cultural background.

Different definitions of Male Sexuality

While some may identify their self-value in terms of their possessions (materialism), others in terms of their background (whether it be educational, pedigree – a family tree or social status), some focus solely on their sexuality.

For different individuals, male sexuality can take on various forms. Some men feel that the ultimate expression of their self worth is to sire as many children with as many women as their possible can.

Male Sexuality Facts

This is a rather unfortunate truth, but it is often found that in western cultures where there tends to be a subtle lax of morality in certain sections of society, such backward notions are not unusual.

The sons of such primitive thinking individuals often find themselves following the same example set by their fathers.

Societal problems

Such individuals often have little regard for the proper upbringing and careful provision of love and other needs for the children that they bring into the world. As a result, societal problems are perpetuated and magnified by the irresponsible behavior of such individuals.

Then some responsible men believe that their self worth is directly linked to their ability to make all necessary provisions available to their family (whether small or large), and such men are driven to fulfill that obligation. It is familiar that there is much mental anguish and self-blame whenever circumstances do not allow them to fill that role.

Then some individuals feel that their sexuality has everything to do with their sexual prowess in or out of bed. They are more concerned with sexual impressions and appeal.

Body Image

Some focus on the body image (muscular arms, trim abs, massive triceps, etc.) to impress their mates and would spend most, if not all, of their spare time at the gym and other venues that would allow them to attain that image.

These men often expend many resources on nutritional supplements and other body building concoctions. Then there are those whose primary focus is on the penis.

Too many men believe that having a large, impressive, and powerful penis is the quintessence of male sexuality. Those who are less than impressed with their penis size will without hesitation sort after and use the various penis enhancement methods that are out there.

Male enhancement

Male enhancement supplements are a favorite of such individuals, and it is common to find that penis extender devices are part of their regiment to create the ‘larger impression’ that they are looking for. In some cases, individuals may opt for cosmetic surgery to help bring about quick changes to the size, look, feel, etc. of the penis.

Surgical penis enlargement is quite expensive and risky, but those who value their male sexuality with their penis size will usually have no problems going under the knife.

Self-confidence and self-assurance are usually elevated in men who believe that they are fulfilling their innate role to what they value as being significant. Depending on what they value, this sense of fulfillment can be a bridge to greater things in other areas of their life.

Those who highly esteem their sexuality in terms of physical attributes and appearances are often left depleted, and wanting something extra and higher value as time, aging, and other unforeseen circumstances catch up with them.