Make your intro movies

This tutorial is for you to be able to customize games that allow Bink video to be played, like Halo. Enjoy!

Software and Materials needed

FlashFXP – FTP Program EvolutionX – Xbox EvOx Dashboard Bink Rad Video Tools Kit – The Software Necessary to Convert Video Xbox Game – Try Halo First An Xbox Unit. This would be your Xbox Console A Computer – There is only an editor for the pc, but there are players for Mac OS/X Adobe Photoshop and Premiere 6 – The programs that will make your movie quality and sharp looking.

This is the intro to the tutorial.

Part 1

First, insert the game disc into your Xbox, once you are idle in EvolutionX, if you are having problems with the game loading, change your configuration file in EvoX not to launch games on start. (I used halo, so try and relate to that. Now once you FTP to the box, go to the D: drive, and you’ll see a layout like this (FOR HALO).

D:/ Bink – default.xbe Maps XDemos

Part 2

Go to the “Bink” Folder and download Intro.bik. That file is the intro to halo with the small blue bacteria that form into the shape of the Bungie logo. This file is around 75 to 80 megabytes.

Part 3

Download the Rad Video Tools kit and install it. It can be found here, at

Part 4

Ok, here’s the decision part, and it’s all up to you. You can choose to convert an existing movie clip (mov,Mpeg,avi, etc…), or you can want to create a small logo or intro yourself. I chose Premiere 6 because that’s the best program for this kind of work. So make up your mind and follow the steps.

Excellent tutorials on how to use Adobe Premiere can be found here, at If you are making a clip, I suggest making a .mpeg. They are usually the most in sync and typically tend not to lag.

Make your intro movies
An intro

A .avi will tend to lag if it is more than twenty seconds, due to the handling code in the game, it cannot load some kinds of movies, due to different bitrates. Please, try and experiment with types though. Try and get a clip and convert and rename it to Intro.bik, and it should load up. If you see black and then press “A,” it should continue to the Halo main screen.

Part 5

Next, if you would like to watch the intro that’s on the disc, transfer it, open it through the Bink Player, and it will play the original Halo intro. Now, if you’re converting, follow these steps, if you’re making one follow Part 6. Ok, now I am assuming that you understand the primary Xbox usage. So none of that will be reiterated here.

Click on the movie file or clip you have downloaded, and click convert. You can choose whatever output option you want. Then make sure the output file is intro.bik. Then place the data back in the Bink folder, and burn, or place back on your hard drive.

Part 6

Those of you daring enough to make your logo, I commend you. I made my own, and I am delighted. I am assuming those of you who attempt to use Premiere, have already used it. I would suggest using a nice combo of Photoshop graphics and Adobe Premiere effects.

So, to begin, open the file you have made in Premiere and make sure the NTSC settings are good for the size of your television screen. Most likely, the application will end up resizing the video, making it look stretched. It won’t hurt to measure, trust me. 😀

Try 360×240 NTSC. Or, If you live in the PAL Region, make sure your settings are PAL 360×240 or whichever you like. Make sure you save it as a smaller movie file to as not to take up too much space. Then save and convert the following step 5.

URLs and Links – These links were added to better aid you in your conversion. Rad Video Tools – Premiere Tutorials – Photoshop Tutorials – Basic Xbox Knowledge. – Greatest Xbox Forum Ever! –

I updated my tutorial, to be more specific, and to make sure that you, the consumers, have a chance to play a more significant role in your games. Please, if you have any questions or concerns, please comment them below.

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