Why You Shouldn’t Just Wait Till New Year’s to Make Resolutions

The world has so many system’s and structure’s that we unconsciously abide to without realising. The worst one has to be the idea of days, weeks, months and years.

We as people tend to organise our live’s on a week to week or month to month basis. As in….what we do at the beginning of a week will decide what we do at the end. How many nights we go out is judged on a week to week basis. How many exciting things we do is based on what we have done during the week. You may say “Well….we went sky diving on Monday so lets wait till next week to go Rock Climbing”.

Are you procrastinating?

Our actions are shaped by structure’s like this but also….our way of thinking is too. Procrastination would not exist without having the structure of tomorrow. We may have a deadline for a month’s time, so we wait until 5 days before to begin it, instead of right now.

Why You Shouldn't Just Wait Till New Year’s to Make Resolutions

We dont do certain thing’s because we believe that tomorrow lies the key to it. As Eckhart Tolle say’s…..”You see time as the means to salvation, whereas in truth it is the greatest obstacle to salvation”. We are built to believe that salvation and true happiness lie’s ahead….when in truth that is not what is tangible.

The worst system of all is New Year’s, its terrible! People make resolutions for the year ahead….tell me how many of you plan things at a year ahead? I’m sure some reading do, but can you tell me what you are doing in November 2010? Or December? Probably celerbrating Xmas! Anyway….i want to make a claim and something i believe is true…….

Life’s short, make it sweet!

Life is not a collection of day’s, month’s and year’s……Life….is one big long day.

Life is continuous it does not stop, you do not have one life today and will have a different life tomorrow. Conventional system’s give us the idea to make goal’s and plan for the time ahead, when in reality….Life does not lie ahead. Life itself IS RIGHT HERE AND NOW.

You should try to not wait till New Year’s to make resolutions, your life goes on everyday, it has been going on for 364 day’s since the last time you thought to make goal’s and resolution’s. Your life is around you right now it is not ahead it is not behind you. To be stuck in psychological time where you believe that your life is seen weeks and months ahead is not where you want to be.

Daily goals

What i would love to hear people do is instead of planning resolution’s and goal’s for the year ahead….is to start their day with a goal in mind and spend the day achieving it. It can be anything, if you are working all day then make it work related.

You will have achieved the ever so powerful idea of, life being what lie’s in front of you and not ahead. Your life is what you see right here and now, as soon as that is realised then you will be FREE because you will not feel the need to be somewhere else to be free. Freedom lie’s in what you see in front of you right now.

The take home message is this…..Don’t wait till New Year’s to make resolution’s and goal’s for the next year ahead. You cant see life a year ahead, what you see RIGHT NOW is LIFE. So decide what to do right now and you will be free. While you’re here read this article on why small things matter the most.