How Anyone Can Make Money Blogging

Unlike a lot of blog posts, articles and forum posts I have seen, I am not going to talk about ad placement on your blog, or even list building techniques on your blog as a way to make money blogging. As valuable as those kinds of discussions are, they are only discussing “strategies” and methods.

Little tweaks, tricks, and moves that will help generate a little cash from an already established business/blog. Instead, I am going to talk about successful business models that have blogging in the center of them. Necessarily, I am going to discuss three blogging business models that could see you quit your day job, never need one, or simply help you make a nest egg for you and your family when you retire.

Before we look at these business models, it is essential to say that a blog (when done correctly) is like a piece of online real estate. The more work you do on it, the better you make it, the more it is worth it, and the more you can sell it for if you ever desire to in the future.

How Anyone Can Make Money Blogging

Everything you do online stays there for a long time, so it is essential to choose your business model based on what you enjoy doing, writing about, and you should select a business model that fits well with the way you work and your lifestyle. With that said, let’s get to the meat of it, and take a look at my three favorite blogging business models.

The Personality Strategy

For this business model, you would be working on one blog and one blog alone. The blog would be in an area or “niche” that you were particularly experienced in or expert in.

You would share free and valuable information on your industry, would talk about recent news and developments in your market, and you would create a mini-community of enthusiasts who will be eager to discuss your content in the form of comments on your blog, and elsewhere on the Internet.

From this “platform” (think of your blog as a speaker’s platform), you can build your email list, recommend affiliate products, and also create and sell your products. Very lucrative.

The Authority Strategy

This is a less personality/community focussed website. Instead, it is a website with MANY articles and videos, etc. on a particular niche or over several niches. You can write the content, a team of writers, or other bloggers.

There is less personality involved, and the emphasis is on SEO and keyword distribution in your content, allowing your articles and website to rank high in the search engine rankings for particular phrases. This would generate large volume traffic, and you could monetize by using Google AdSense adverts on your site. I find this model to be a bit mundane.

The Blog Network

If you own several blogs and you know several other bloggers, then you could perhaps consider setting up a blog network. This involves creating a network of blogs that are updated regularly and are “premium” in quality, design, and message. You then sell advertising across the blog network to larger companies looking to make an impact in the blogosphere.

You would want revenue share with the bloggers to motivate them to keep working and keep the rest of the profits for yourself for brokering the deal. This method also means there is less pressure on you to update a blog or worry about fresh content continually; the bloggers on the network take care of that for you!