Luxury Gadgets for Women

When it comes to luxury, every woman should delight in a bit of opulence occasionally to add to her life. What are some top luxury gadgets for women? To begin with, the Motorola Moto 360 is more than anyone can imagine in a smartwatch. It appeals to women mostly because it is not a large, clunky combination, but appears to be just a watch. But it is so much more. An exceptional timepiece, designed in clean lines for the feminine touch. It has a thin round face with an interchangeable leather band. The Moto 360 is fashionable, functional, and has customized features.


Among other fabulous luxury gadgets for ladies, Estee Lauder presents an elaborately detailed golden powder compact covered in pave crystals. This charming gem is available from Harrods of London, wrapped in a Velvet pouch. However, if you would appreciate Estee Lauder Beautiful solid perfume instead of powder, choose this adorable little monkey. This diminutive fellow is curled, holding his bejeweled tail, with an assortment of other crystals decorating his back.

Hot water bottle

Whether traveling or home, if she is chilly, what could be better than a Yuyu Hot Water Bottle wrapped in cashmere. The unique long shape of the bottle can be filled with hot water and cloaked in her choice of lush colors of cashmere to keep her cozy anywhere, anytime.

Luxury Gadgets for Women that surprise them
Gifts for women

For music lovers

Music lovers, listen to the sweet harmony of your favorite melody while wearing these unique, exceptionally functioning Monster Silver Inspiration Active Noise Canceling Multilingual Over-Ear Headphones. Designed by a professional drummer, these dynamic headphones are brushed titanium. Comfortable to wear as long as one pleases, they can also be fashioned to fit her personal taste with the changeable designer headbands. Among luxury gadgets, these are special indeed.

If you have not yet seen the Smartphone Photo Cube Printer, let me introduce you to one of the most fantastic luxury gadgets. Compatible with all Smartphones, it does not need a computer to print ten 4×6 photos with each cartridge of ink and paper all in one. Available from Sharper Image.

The ultimate in a way to tell your life story is the GoldLifeBook. An exclusive autobiography will emerge with the assistance of a professional ghostwriter with this ideal gift. The author needs three months; the finished product will be a masterpiece to share with family. Ten copies, up to 160 pages, including up to 100 photographs, are sent to the author upon the completion of the book.

A big glossy coffee table book with an impressive, full-colored dust cover will be a part of family history for years and generations to come.

Luxury Gadgets for Women
Luxurious Tub

most fabulous luxury gadget

Welcome to the most fabulous luxury gadget in the world, designed by DI Vapor, The Cosmo Luxury Tub. It is not only designed with a touch control panel; there is a remote for the waterproof 17 inches TV/DVD and FM radio. But wait….there’s more! Yes, don’t forget the jets with a timed shut off function. That would be the seven hydro massage jets, nine bubble jets, back massage jets numbering 6, luscious underwater jets, and underwater light. Ahhh, there is nothing like a super bath.

Dry water massager

Unless you don’t have the time or hate long baths, then the Dry Water Massager is for you. A sleek bed with a modern cover, something akin to a science fiction film, holds the 28 jets behind a waterproof polymer cover. Here are the perks of a massage without a masseuse or water. Also, the face rest has an opening, including a seven inch LCD, iPod connectivity with Bose headphones, and aromatherapy. You will love the shiatsu style massage in this luxury gadget.

For the lady who enjoys her daily walking exercise, a Speaker Vest is also a fantastic way to reflect her visibility. Her forward-firing speakers are contained on the shoulders of the nylon mesh while the music player fits in a pocket on the chest of the material. Velcro fasteners at the sides adjust for comfort. The vest is light and airy to prevent body overheating. A great solution to safety and enjoyment, the Speaker Vest is top on the list of luxury gadgets for women.

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