Limetorrent website – Is it still working?

In today’s digital era, entertainment is abundant. Unluckily, not every person can watch all the movies or play all the games available on the internet. Some regions and IPS block some sites, mainly due to copyright. So when you are surfing the web looking for an exciting TV show, movie, game, or book, chances are that you will encounter files that you can’t access. Due to increased technology in our modern age, a lot of torrent websites have been born, and so far, they are popular.

Torrent websites are designed to allow people to download and upload any media for free. If you visit a torrent site, you’ll get a vast library of content there. As you introduce yourself to the masking world, you’ll learn that a lot of files are the norm. Many individuals still have no idea of how much content is available on their sites, despite some top-notch offering files for free. Some of these torrenting sites include 1337x, Extratorrent, YIFY torrent, and of course, the lime torrent, which we are going to discuss.

What is limetorrents?

Launched in 2009, this torrent offers a massive choice of downloadable media content. The website provides an easy-to-use interface that allows people to search the content of their interest. It has a wide selection of categories to select from encompassing the TV shows, anime, games, movies, and apps. Interestingly, with over 200,000 available games, limetorrent is really a popular platform for the game lovers. If you are a music lover, then there is a comprehensive option for music videos. Besides, there are hundreds and thousands of software for Linux, Windows, and Mac on the sites.
Due to its popularity, IPS and law enforcement firms have blocked access to the websites in some regions across the world. The block is possibly due to negative rumors about its safety and copyright allegations.

If you look at these allegations and rumors, you’ll come to realize that they are baseless. In the real sense, if you are not new about keeping your online activities secure, then you shouldn’t fret when using a limetorrent website. Everything on this website is legit and doesn’t send or try to install suspicious items on the user’s computers. That said, all the torrent websites can’t verify the legitimacy of all the content uploaded there. Therefore, you’re required to keep yourself safe, especially when you accidentally download an infected content.

While it is nearly impossible to verify all the contents shared on the limetorrent site, the good news is that steps have been made to protect the users. All the files marked on their site have been verified as legitimate. This allows the users to identify the content that is safe for them to download. This is what makes the limetorrent website better than other torrent sites.

Is Limetorrent down?

Basically, the working of this website depends on your country and the laws. In simple terms, limetorrent is currently working. However, it is inaccessible in some regions. As said earlier, there are some allegations and rumors about copyright infringement. Due to this reason, the government reacts promptly and enacts restrictions on the websites that break the copyright terms. If you can’t access limetorrent in your area, the chances are that the country’s government has restricted the site.

As in the likes of other torrent sites, Limetorrent has yet discovered ways to become available in restricted areas. Many proxies and mirror sites have been developed to help people access the site without being tracked. Some of the best proxy sites to access limetorrent website are;

Limetorrent proxy


Limetorrent unblock

Usually, the key to having the Limetorrent website unblocked is utilizing the right information and tools. Many individuals are desperately looking for tricks to unblock torrent websites like limetorrents. Due to huge files and content saved in this site, many individuals who live in areas where the site is restricted are denied the opportunity of downloading important files.

Surprisingly, sometimes people access the site but are unable to download the content. This is particularly disgusting since the site possesses a download option that you can’t utilize.

Additionally, individuals living in the U.S.A, India, and Australia experience some issues when downloading files or contents from Limetorrents. That’s why you’ll find people looking for alternatives in those countries.

With that in mind, you can use the following methods to unblock the Limetorrent site if it is restricted in your area.

Using proxy URL

This technique applies to the entire torrent. In fact, proxies help you bypass all geo-restricted websites. If you want to unblock the torrent, then you can consider looking for the best proxy. However, the issue with the utilization of the proxy URLs is safety. In most cases, they make users vulnerable to copyright issues and can unmask your sensitive details to hackers, IPS, and law enforcement agencies.

Why does this occur? Basically, the proxy works to get rid of the restrictions from a blocked website. Proxy won’t change the user’s IP address. Once you use the proxy to access the site, the site can see the IP address. The IP address can be given to the law. Usually, proxies are ideal for individuals who need to utilize them on the intranet. They are fantastic when changing your location to access a particular website.

Using VPN

VPNs are tools appropriate for accessing torrent sites. Just remember that although there are free VPN versions, it is critical to invest in the premium version. Premiums have a good reputation, unlike standard VPN with low speed, and dropout services. To utilize a VPN service, here are the steps to follow:



    and select a package.

  1. Install it on your device.
  2. That’s final. You are ready to utilize the bandwidth.


You can still have access to various files from any restricted sites. Thanks to a list of Limetorrent proxies that make that happen.
For complete anonymity and freedom, consider accessing the Limetorrent website, proxies, and mirrors with a trusted VPN.