Lawn care

Cutting your lawn with a zero turn lawn mower Pushing a lawn mower around a lawn on a hot day once was one of the most grueling domestic chores, but it got easier over the years with the arrival of riding lawn mowers, and now with zero turn riding mowers, mowing the lawn is fun. Mowing close to your house or around other structures or large objects will always be the trouble with conventional riding mowers, but not with zero turn riding mowers.


Zero Turn Mowers

Zero turn mowers have an innovative front wheel steering system which allows the driver the capability of turning sharp corners with ease. Mowing chores that once took hours can be finished in less than an hour with a zero-turn mower, and the experience will seem closer to a ride in an all-terrain vehicle than a grueling chore. Zero turn riding mowers feature a sleek, dashing appearance, not at all similar to the boxy look of standard riding mowers.

Zero turn mowers are available in a wide range of sizes and prices, and you always want to be sure the motor is in top shape and the frame is durable, especially if you get a used one. There are two basic types of zero turn mowers, big ones for commercial venues like athletic fields or golf courses, and small ones for home use. Any hard cash you spend on a zero turn mower is worth it, as they are designed to last for years.

Watering The Lawn

Watering your lawn and plants When you plan to start a landscaping program around your home you ought to seriously take a look at the installation of an automatic lawn and garden sprinkler system. Watering a lawn or garden by hand is wasteful and time-consuming, and you run the risks of over-watering and water logging the plants, or killing them with under-watering.

Among the many advantages of using an automatic sprinklers are convenience, intelligent water management, and appropriate lawn and garden care. If the yard is large enough you should consider a rotary sprinkler which can spread out over areas as much as 85 feet away with a rotation of 360 degrees which will ensure a thorough watering. Pop-up spray sprinklers are perfect for small lawns and gardens, as they emit a light mist over an area of 18 feet away.

Hanging Basket Sprinklers

One of the most innovative watering methods are the Spelt Co. hanging basket sprinklers for hanging plants that uses the weight of the pot to operate the system, as a dry, light pot will turn the water on and a wet, heavy pot will turn it off. For bushes, trees and other large plant-life, drip irrigation systems are highly advisable, although setting up such a watering system looks difficult given the emitters, valves, jet sprays, filters, pressure regulators, controllers, and fittings that are involved in such a system. Before you proceed with your landscape design you need to assess your water requirements and determine which automatic watering system is the most appropriate, and you are advised to consult with a landscaping professional before going forward.