Village Landscaping In Florida

We’ve all been there before. You’ve just moved into your dream home in Florida – a charming secluded cottage in the countryside. As you look around the space, you can’t help but feel immensely satisfied with what you’ve achieved. You feel the good vibes and feel you belong.

But as the euphoria fades away, it suddenly strikes you that none of the documents mentioned a word about the garden or the backyard. You step out to take a look and – you guessed it – the place is an eyesore.

Enter landscaping. For the initiated, landscaping is anything that is done to improve the overall appearance of a piece of land. The most common and low-tech method of landscaping is conventional gardening done with an artistic touch.

Landscaping can also include modifications to the terrain itself – for example, adding a decorative pond or footpaths. Landscaping, if done well, can make even the most mediocre houses look charming and inviting. Landscaping is a big part of maintaining the aesthetics of a home – whether you live in Miami or Tarpon Springs.


With a large number of countryside real estate options in Florida, it is no surprise that village landscaping is often a big part of the hassle. Real estate deals usually make little to no mention of the area surrounding the house.

As a result, you typically have to shoulder the burden of finding a good landscaper – doing it yourself is a questionable option at best. Fortunately, there are plenty of landscapers in the villages of Florida. In this article, we’ll go over what to look out for when designing your village landscape.

The Basics

Landscaping requires good knowledge of horticulture – the art of garden cultivation – in addition to artistic sense. Even casual gardening needs knowledge of things like which plants grow well in the area and so on. Village landscaping takes it to a higher level.

Landscaping might sound like something that only requires time and know-how. However, today, it has become quite high-tech and resource-intensive with the use of bulldozers, machines, and even chemicals that alter the state of the soil.


To effectively landscape your home, you have to hire a good landscaping service first. We have listed a few of Florida’s best services in the next section. The landscape contractor then has to survey the land surrounding your house. This survey is important because landscaping isn’t possible on bumpy terrain.

The land is usually leveled(the process is called grading) by removing or filling in the earth, depending on the design requirements.

You also have to consider soil quality. Ecologically fragile or endangered areas may even ban landscaping for fear of affecting flora and fauna too much. Another factor is when to landscape. The consensus is to do it during spring as it is easier for the workers, and weeds are easier to control.

This choice of season is probably natural, but it is always a good idea to finish landscaping before moving in.


Due to the scale of village landscaping, every county has laws governing the practice, which are meant to prevent causing an imbalance in the ecosystem by extreme landscaping. It also means that professional landscape architects should have a degree in landscape design. This specialization is another reason you can’t carry out landscaping on your own – not in its full-fledged form.

Best Village Landscaping Services In Florida

Village Landscape

Village Landscape, LLC, is one of the most trusted services in West and Central Florida, has been in the game for 23 years. They offer a very professional and transparent process. Unlike a few other firms, they do not demand a deposit upfront. Instead, it is enough to pay after the landscaping has been finished.

Besides, this company offers complimentary design consultations and estimates. They specialize in increasing privacy in backyards through their installations. Apart from an exciting array of planting options, they also provide customized LED landscape lighting, and so on.

Also, they assure you of quality as they claim to work on only one project at a time. The Florida Department of Agriculture licenses them.

The Lawn Johns

The Lawn Johns LLC is a company that is based in Tallahassee. Though they specialize in lawn care, their landscaping service is one of the best in the area. They are even open to working on old homes and gardens that need an upgrade. They provide free pricing quotes. In addition to basic options like garden beautification, weed control, and protective mulching, they also erect fences and pave decorative pathways. Though village landscaping isn’t their USP, this is an excellent option if you are on a budget.

Southern Florida Landscaping

Southern Florida Landscaping is a company that has been in business for more than 30 years. They pride themselves on quality and customer satisfaction, and rightly so. They also provide their services in a large area. Though their main base of operations is in the Tampa Bay area, you can call if you aren’t in the area. They offer a high level of personalization, whether in the form of aesthetic hedges or landscape lighting. In addition to landscape design, you can hire them for regular maintenance and upgrading. However, this comes at a hefty price.


Landscaping is quite an essential step in choosing a great home. You might be a gardener by hobby or profession, and if you decide to shape the external beauty of your land by your own hands, that’s perfectly fine. However, if you desire a truly premium and beautiful village landscape around your home, a professional landscaping service is the way to go.

They possess the expertise and resources that a casual gardener would not. Whether you have moved to the countryside as a retirement gift to yourself or you prefer an idyllic environment, landscaping adds to the effect.

Finally, please note that the above list is by no means exhaustive. The village landscaping business, especially in Florida, often sees many new and local players entering the game. Find one that best suits your needs!