Know What to Feed Your Precious Pooch

As a result of the pet food recalls over the last several months, many dog owners are now wondering what they should feed their dogs. After all, what dog owner in his right mind would want to feed his pooch dog food that could contain harmful ingredients?

If you are in the same boat as most dog owners, you must pay close attention to dog food ratings because they can provide you with a better idea of which dog foods are safe for your dogs to eat. Also, dog food ratings can help you identify which dog foods you need to avoid.

Where to Find Dog Food Ratings

Dog food ratings are available in several places. There is no standard to date, so don’t be surprised if you see varying dog food ratings.

Bear in mind that certain companies create their dog food ratings to put their dog foods high on the list. However, looking at a few different ratings will help you have a better idea of where in the scale the dog food you feed your pooch is.

Review sites

The Internet is a great starting point for finding dog food ratings. You can find more information quickly and easily online compared to more traditional ways of researching, such as going to the library, poring over books, and flipping through magazines.

You’ll discover several different types of dog food ratings, most of them designed by dog food manufacturers. Each dog food company will put their dog food on the top of the dog food rating list.

Know What to Feed Your Precious Pooch

However, these are still useful in such a way that if you consistently see a particular dog food rated low on the different dog food ratings put out by dog food companies, the chances are that dog food is not good at all.

Aside from the Internet, another great source of dog food ratings is veterinary associations, as well as other animal-related groups.

Deciding Based on Dog Food Ratings

One thing you’ll discover soon is that it will be a challenge to find dog food ratings that are congruent or agree with each other. But the more ratings you find, the higher your chances are of finding the highly-rated dog food, one that is possibly the best dog food for your pooch.

Look at as many sources as possible

Looking at a few ratings is not going to give you a broader view of the overall picture since one or two top rating does not necessarily mean that a portion of dog food is the best choice for your dog.

Thus, you want to look at various sources as much as possible. With this kind of extensive research, you’ll be able to choose the best dog food for your beloved pet properly.

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