Knocking off Your Mortgage Interest Quickly

Interesting thought, right? How to SAVE money by knocking off your mortgage interest quickly without finding a pot of gold. Most of the time these MLM programs are about selling diet pills, weight loss, muscle building, and the list go into infinity more than most of us care to think about. Almost forgot about the energy drinks that are sold through MLM ~ all you need is 3 friends willing to tell their friends who tell their friends and the cash cow begins. This is about SAVING money and that’s something all of us need to do without fail or we can end up broke at retirement, not a good thing!

You know how the programs work and most of the time I don’t care for it. I’m guessing you’re walking the same path of MLM fatigue as I am. Usually, it’s about calling all your friends and telling them about how wonderful your new program is… you’ve bought it so I’m going to assume you think it’s great and the best thing since “sliced bread” or one of those awful cliches’ folks use in MLM.

Mortgage Interest
Mortgage Interest

Most of the time MLM does not “seem” to save money at my house, at least that’s been my experience. Usually, the turnoff is we don’t want to tell any of our friends which is a bad sign. If money is the driving force, let it go now and search for something that’s so wonderful you HAVE TO tell everyone wherever you are. That’s my feeling about this 2-year-old program I’ve just discovered.

Key Points

1. NO refinancing/NO Change in Your Current Lifestyle or Cash Flow

2. NO Increase in Your Monthly Mortgage or Debt Payments

3. Works on ALL mortgage products: Fixed, ARM, Interest Only, Flex pay, etc.

This is one of the best programs I’ve ever seen and I want to tell everyone. It’s my understanding that over 16,000 spiritual leaders [preachers] are telling their flock about this MLM program. Why? Yes, it can make money for whoever shares the plan but on top of all that good $mlm$ stuff…. it’s a wonderful system to get each of us out of debt and FREE. Somewhere in the good book [Bible], it says we should ALL be debt-free…. exactly where most of us ARE NOT.

  • * 38% Financial Services 12% Pastors / Ministers
  • 22% Mortgage / Banking 6% Real Estate
  • 20% Business Owners / Entrepreneurs 2% Others (W2)

Rather than “talking” more, I’d like to share a Ufirst link with you to my personal website ~ I’m going to give you the Ufirst website so you can check it out now and sign up for the new videos, a free analysis tool, and the full details now available online.

Just click on the link to begin, leave your name and email address if you’d like to receive notice of the videos and informative details coming shortly. Our agents can serve you from anywhere so don’t hesitate to call our office whenever convenient. There is absolutely no pressure or obligation to you from our agents. Like you, many folks quickly recognize the value of the program and sign up immediately. It’s really a “no brainer” to take the free analysis using your personal figures. Most folks discover they can save many thousands of dollars in interest expense with the MMA program.

Personally, I thought this question made sense and hope you do. “How much would it be worth to YOU personally if someone asked, “If I can SAVE you $215K at Ufirst, pay off your home mortgage in 1/2 the time your banker projected ~ what would that be worth to you in $$ and future enjoyment?”

Do you have 30 years? 20 years? ~ to make payments on your home mortgage?

Would you be interested if our 2-year-old software program at Ufirst [cost over million] can PROVE by a simple test [Free] that we can save you 1/3 to 1/2 the interest your banker wants you to pay, then for the next 10 to 15 years you can deposit your house payment into your retirement fund?

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, right? YOU don’t believe it and me didn’t either. it’s rather hard to deny when the $$ are shown in black and white, no gray matter. We’ll prove it for you too. Over 200,000 members are saving millions of dollars today. I’ve seen the $$ and I’m excited. My son has cut his 23-year payoff mortgages into an 11-year payoff with the same income/expenses/remainder. His last 12 years of payments will go directly into his retirement fund instead of some banker’s interest portfolio… or he can choose to buy his bride a new Lexus… [I prefer he add to his retirement fund, but not my decision]