Brains and Beauty: The Ideal Kitchen Remodel Team

So you finally made the decision to start your kitchen remodel; now the excitement builds and then questions begin. The choices can seem overwhelming and endless: How do I find the right people? How do I choose my materials? How do I keep my costs down? How do I coordinate everything? In essence, where do I start? Stop! These questions are all secondary questions and can be answered after you complete the first step.

Your first step, and the most important decision you can make, is your first hire.

You need professionals who can take your kitchen remodeling project from beginning to end and support all aspects of it: products, design, and installation. A cabinetry company that offers kitchen space planning/design services and has an in-house licensed contractor is your ideal first hire.

Kitchen Remodel Team
Kitchen Remodel Team

Why not just hire a contractor? you ask.

Look at the contractor as the brawn and half the brains of the operation. The contractor’s role is to coordinate the many aspects of assembling the kitchen remodel and making sure everything works according to plan. If the water runs, the lights work and the appliances fit in the kitchen, the contractor’s job is considered complete. If the job is considered complete then, why do I need a space planner/designer? you ask. The space planner/designer is the other half of the brains and they will add functionality, beauty and special details to the project. In addition to her/his experience, a good space planner/designer is versed in the working space of your kitchen and will design to meet your specific needs and styling desires; all within your workable budget.

Setting a solid foundation for your ideal kitchen remodeling team is simple: hire a kitchen space planner/designer and a contractor that is inclusive to the same company. Aside from tending to their specific tasks, the two will coordinate to gather materials, match the best tradesmen for the jobs within the project and work to keep your remodel within budget. Unnecessary problems will be avoided by keeping the lines of communication close and tight and problems that do arise can be easily addressed. Ultimately, keeping one professional company responsible for your kitchen remodeling project will grant you a more positive remodeling experience from beginning to completion.

Research cabinetry companies in your area to find this first hire.

Not only are they are a direct source of materials, offering various choices in cabinets, countertops, and tile, often these cabinet companies employ in-house space planners/designers and contractors that specialize in kitchen remodeling. Once you make that first hire subsequent questions and concerns can then be addressed with help from these experienced professionals. Now the fun can truly start! Its time to create your ideal kitchen with support from your ideal kitchen remodeling team.