Beautiful Countertop Accessories for a Gorgeous Looking Kitchen

Are you struggling with choosing the right kitchen accessories for your countertop?

Do you think that those little, seemingly insignificant, space-consuming details are not needed in your kitchen?

In this guide, you will learn the importance of those little add-ons that can sometimes be real life-savers as well as our recommendations for the best countertop accessories for you.

Best Kitchen Countertop Accessories

Here we compiled our list of the best countertop accessories to make your kitchen shine as well as provide practical solutions for your everyday kitchen business.

Bread Box

Moldy or dry bread is one of those things that you don’t look forward to when making a snack.

Keeping your bread fresh as long as possible is a great thing, but you cannot expect this if you place it in the fridge.

This is where the bread box saves the day. Best bread boxes can keep your bread fresh for more than 3 days!

They also come in various design options and different materials such as:  

  • Metal
  • Bamboo
  • Stainless Steel
  • Ceramic
  • Copper

You can read more about bread boxes here.

Under the Shelf Basket

This useful basket can provide you with a lot of extra storage space while not taking any at the same time.

It is great for storing napkins, dishware, foil boxes, and much more.

This basket can be easily attached under a standard cabinet shelf.

We think this is a no brainer, life-saving addition for your kitchen storage.

Canister Set

Just like a bread box, this is a great food storage option.

It usually comes as a 4 piece set and can be used to store many foods.

Many canister sets have windows on them where you can see the food which adds to its charm.

They are mostly made from stainless steel and are durable. You can also choose from multiple colors to best fit your style of kitchen.

We say this is a must for any kitchen that wants that modern look.

Napkin Holder

Many people think this is just another unnecessary product, just taking space on your countertop.

This isn’t the case since this is a very practical solution for tidying up your kitchen space while providing a great decoration.

Instead of keeping your napkins flat on the countertop or in a drawer, you can now organize your space better with this simple yet effective solution.

We have heard people using this product as a cutting board holder which adds to its versatility.

There are many material options for napkins holders:  

  • Satin Nickel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Chrome

We highly recommend these sleek additions for any kitchen setup.

Spoon Rest

How many times did you quickly place a dirty spoon on your countertop and left an ugly stain?

Sometimes, these stains can be left unnoticed and harden over time.

Afterwards they are hard to remove.

This frustrating situation is very easy to overcome with a simple spoon rest.

Spoon rests can be found in many different colors to accommodate any kitchen style.

They are mostly ceramic, but you can also find a few stainless steel alternatives.

There are many large spoon holders which can hold up to 2 wooden spoons!

Kitchen Timer

Burnt lunch is something most of us dread. It is never a pleasant experience.

Using your smartphone as a timer is a solid solution, but there is a quicker way.

The kitchen timer is the answer. This great enhancement to every kitchen provides a quick way to always make sure that your food is done on time.

It can also serve as a timer for other activities such as dying hair.

With many designs such as silver or black, it is also great looking.

If you cook, make sure you get this little lifesaver, so you will never face a burnt dish again.

Mug Holder

This decorative countertop add-on can truly liven up your kitchen space.

It can hold up multiple mugs at ones having them ready for use immediately.

This may not seem like a big deal but this feature is one of those little time savers that we take for granted.

Mug holder can also produce a contemporary feel to your kitchen design and boost your overall countertop look.


Countertop accessories are a must for any contemporary kitchen.

They make your life easier and improve the design of your countertop.

Now that you have gathered some ideas, start playing around and find what best suits your kitchen.