Kickass Proxy – What you need to know

The Internet is increasingly becoming an excellent source of entertainment every day. Video streaming torrents reserve its significant part of the data. Many individuals are looking forward to accessing unlimited eBooks, games, TV shows, movies, software, music, and other online content depending on the torrent site chosen.

There are many torrent sites available that are tailored to enable users to download content for free. However, some torrent sites are illegal to use in some countries. The utilization of torrent sites by millions of users across the globe has led to a considerable increase in the number of these sites due to high demand.

Due to illegal use of torrent sites, government and internet service providers have closed some of them, including the kickass. This has led to the rise of proxy sites and mirror sites that helps access the content in the mother site.

What is Kickass torrent?

Kickass torrent is a popular, and primary considered torrent website. Despite the closure of this website, people are still looking for ways to access it. Surprisingly, the kickass torrent site users aren’t ready to consider looking for alternatives. They still need kickass torrent to access blocked content by the government or internet service provider. For this reason, there is a need for its proxy and mirror sites.

Basically, mirror websites are a replica version of the mother site possessing all its features. For several popular sites shut down, many mirror sites can be utilized to offer the users the same experience. Mirrors and proxies are almost similar. However, the proxy acts as a medium that provides the functions in the role of any other site. Proxies and mirrors possess features that are improved to offer the same service as the original site.

However, they are some that might be harmful, and so they need to be avoided. In this piece, we are going to recommend some secure and safe kickass torrent proxies and mirror sites.

Secure Kickass proxy list


To have access to these kickass proxies, what you do is merely copy-pasting any of the URLs in your browser. These websites host all the magnet links and torrent files from the mother kickass torrent websites, including TV shows, videos, amine, movies, series, games, and applications. If none of these proxies is working, you can try unblocking the site using a VPN.

Kickass Proxy List
Kickass Proxy List

Kickass proxy unlock – accessing the site

Since the website was shut down for illegal business, the kickass torrent website is still accessed but through different techniques. However, the general method encompasses accessing the site using VPN, TOR, and proxy kickass.


Accessing through TOR

This is usually an application used by people to surf and transfer the web content anonymously. It runs on nodes of network redirecting the traffic from one node to another to mask your location and identity, therefore preventing the network surveillance, spying, and traffic analysis. People do access some sensitive or unauthorized content by simply enabling it. Its domain “.onion” can assist you in getting the Tor services easily.
You are only required to download it on your browser, either in macOS, Windows, or Linux devices.

Steps to using TOR browser

  1. When utilizing the TOR browser, you’ll need to unpack the file and click on its icon. Since the application depends on the remove and work features, it is not necessary to have it installed in your device.
  2. When the software opens, enter the address lsuzvpko6w6hzpnn.onion in the address section and press enter.
  3. Now, wait for it to load and enjoy

Accessing through VPN

VPN is basically a private network extending a virtual network across the public system. Typically, it sends and receives data from a secure server across public networks and keeping the users safe from snooping, private web traffic, and censorship.

Individuals who surf the internet looking for sites like porn or upload torrent content normally utilize VPN services. Besides, many individuals consider using a VPN to access the kickass torrent. This way, they protect their location and IP address from being traced.

If you need to access the kickass torrent using a VPN, you’ll need to do the following.

  1. Look for a reliable VPN over the internet and install it.
  2. Launch it to offer you the services you need.
  3. Open a browser and search the torrent domain you are interested with.
  4. With that, you’ll surf as usual.

Accessing through proxies

Proxies are the easiest and safest techniques for handling kickass torrent sites. People utilize proxies efficiently to access the blocked sites and to surf the internet anonymously. Usually, the proxy servers for the torrent kickass act as an intermediary server that allows and ask requests from the users who are searching for resources that can’t be easily accessed from other worldwide servers.

Several proxies are available on the internet and are a great choice worth consideration for the kickass torrent site. Also, ISPs can as well have the servers, proxies, or mirrors blocked.

Besides, you need to check and confirm the authenticity of the kickass torrent website because some of them might possess malware or malicious items inside them. The viruses or malicious things can damage your device, introducing a worst-case scenario. That said, it is recommended to research thoroughly on the site to prevent malware that could affect your device.

Kickass proxy features

Malware free

Kickass does not possess any virus. All its setup files maintain 30 MB each. Therefore, it is easily installed.

Fewer ads

The kickass proxy contains few ads that pop up while you are surfing the internet.

More files

It is designed to serve the users fast and offers access to a lot of data.

Simple UI

The user interface is excellent that attract more people to it.

Mining free

You can be sure that your computer resources aren’t used for mining cryptocurrency.

Kickass proxy alternatives

Some of the torrent proxies comparable to kickass are;

  • The pirate bay
  • 1337x


With its impressive features and ease of navigation, Kickass torrent is really among the best platforms worth consideration.
While using Kickass torrent is a great option, always consider using a reliable VPN. It will help mask you’re your identity and location completely.