Keeping their kids entertained

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I know that a lot of people have trouble keeping their kids entertained. So why not try an all natural approach to homemade play-dough?You can make it with household items from your pantry and its safe with no harmful chemicals! You can use it once and dispose of it after use or use it time and time again. The recipe is on my recipes page it you would like to use it! Having trouble with your tots? Are they in the way of your cleaning? If you said yes your in luck! They want to clean just like mommy so get a small spray bottle and fill it up with about an inch of water, and give them a rag too! Ask them to clean the kitchen counter or some coffee tables! I have a toddler and he loves to clean so I bought him a baby broom and he sweeps the whole house with it! Thanks for reading!:) Crunchygirl

OK here I’m going to answer the question; what is borax. Well, borax is made up of a mineral that is actually colorless. Borax is Sodium tetraborate or disodium tetraborate. Borax is a great stain remover and it works well in most laundry machines. I recommend that you look at my recipe on laundry powder. Borax has many uses, you can use it for ;tile/grout, sinks pots and pans (aluminum & porcelain) etc. Many don’t even know borax even exits but if they did they would save so many dollars on laundry.So get out there and find the ALL AMAZING Borax.

1.)Green cleaning is, number one, green or organic. Green means that natural products with organic ingredients have no toxins in them like chemicals. 2.)Green cleaning is, number two, safe for the environment. OK so everybody knows that if your green your doing good for the planet. So, the bad thing about non-green cleaners is that the toxins in the cleaner give off harmful chemicals in the air, polluting it,and making it not safe for us and the earth.3) Green cleaning is, number three, more efficient for what you use it for. More mothers that are absolutely mad that they aren’t getting the clean they want out of their cleaning supplies! Buy them from the store?Check the labels, are they natural, “Green”,if yes great! But if you say no your out of luck. So what if the things at the store aren’t green or organic, make them yourself! Its easy to make it at home. You can look at my recipes or Google some. You can do it!!!