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Some guidelines for “talking” pedigrees and reading pedigrees—-a SIRE’S position on a pedigree is always at the top over the dams side. A dog is “SIRED BY” a particular male, “NEVER OUT OF” when talking males and sires.

A dog is “OUT OF” a particular bitch, “NEVER BY” a bitch. So, it’s — BY a certain sire and OUT OF a certain dam. The sire is listed first, then the dam. So, the proper terminology in the proper sequence would be — Ch. My Pretty Boy — BY Ch. Mr. Wonderful, OUT OF Ch. Miss America.

Bitches are relegated to recognition by their number as they appear in the pedigree — the “FIRST DAM” or simply “THE DAM” is the mother — “SECOND DAM” is the grandmother — “THIRD DAM” is the great grandmother — and on and on.

“TAIL MALE” line, is the continuous, unbroken chain of males and their progression through the generations tracking on the sire side only. The “TAIL MALE” begins with the “SIRE”, then goes to his sire, or the dogs “GRANDSIRE”, then goes to the grandsire’s sire, or the dogs “GREAT GRANDSIRE”, and on and on.

“TAIL MALE” tracking has for hundreds of years been done with all forms of livestock and animals, as the male has always held importance above the females influence with “stockmen”, in general. This is primarily because the “herd” of females is sought to be improved upon by bringing in a superior male to breed with the “herd”.

Also, the genetic importance of the pair of “sex chromosomes” — which is that pair that establishes the gender of the offspring — is passed on and determined by the male. The male carries the ” XY ” in his genotype that make him a male — or the ” Y ” is what determines if the offspring will be male. All females carry ” XX “, and can only contribute an ” X ” to her offspring.

So, we know one thing for sure about the male line — that is that the ” Y ” is definitely coming from the male and is continuously passed from generation to generation by only the male/sire/father –NEVER the female/dam/mother. This is why the “TAIL MALE” tracking is so important. We know FOR SURE and ABSOLUTELY that each male gets his male sex chromosome from his father. The rest of the genetic package is purely random and cannot be established who is the contributor specifically.

The charts I’ve included track the “TAIL MALE” progression through the generations. I’ve started them with CH. GRA-LEMOR DEMETRIUS VD VICTOR and charted down through to the present. Only MALES are on the chart. Sires that have prominent daughters are not in the same category as “Tail Male”, so I will cover those sires under the “Maternal Families” at a later time.

When starting at the top of the chart—the dogs underneath each dog are his sons. Many will only have one or two sons. This is not unusual, even for sires that have had many, many Champion offspring. If there is one extremely interesting fact that comes out of this project, it is that “huge numbers” of offspring do NOT insure a sire of being an IMPORTANT sire. Some of these sires have produced 1 or 2 males that have gone on to have just as much influence as a sire producing 40+ Champions. That is why breeders should NOT DISCOUNT the quality sire that is not the top producer of the time, but has quality offspring consistently. You will be able to follow the progression of the generations traveling down through the chart. The oldest dogs are at the top, and the modern dogs are at the bottom.

Also, interesting to note, that the overwhelming dominance of CHAMPION males almost exclusively dominate. Only one or two modern sires are NOT CHAMPIONS.

The figures for Champions produced, whelping dates and other specifics are the ones that I had available at the time I was doing my work on this project. So, if errors are found, they are not intentional and I apologize.

This project is a huge undertaking, as there are no modern texts, manuals or books that one can go to obtain this information in one easy step. Most of the modern books contain a few pedigrees and condensed comments about dogs, so my project has taken many directions.