How to Increase Adsense Revenues

Adsense is an excellent tool for webmasters because it can help them pay for their hosting, domain, and sometimes even be left with a bit to spare. However, some are making enough not to worry about having to work or even contemplating leaving their day jobs to devote more time to creating content and optimizing their sites for search engines and of course, for Adsense (you are advised to keep your day job because nothing in this world is inevitable!).

What sets the big earners from the not so big earners is the ability to create the right content and lots of it and, most importantly, the ability to generate traffic in a substantial amount.

Here are a few tips that could see you join the big earners. Not all will apply to you, and it certainly does not mean you have to follow each one to get in the big league:


Content is king! Create original content and lots of it. Content that is updated regularly will entice people to come back, and search engines also use this in their ranking algorithms (in deciding search results). You have a better chance of ranking high if your site is updated regularly rather than one that remains static.

You need a lot of traffic to your site. If you do not generate a lot of page views, then there won’t be anyone to click on the ads. There are numerous ways of generating traffic. You should have a strategy that allows your site to continually generate traffic from different angles i.e., search engine, link building (proper relevant links and not spam), submitting articles that are placed with directories and ezines and perhaps, even, advertising through Adwords and other pay per click advertising programs.

But if you have a good enough site, then free methods are enough to get the traffic you need. Other than building the website, search engine optimization should become second nature.

Clear content on pages

You need to have ads that match the content very carefully. If you have a page on packaged tour holidays, for example, but Google delivers ads on pet food, then your chances of getting clickthroughs are doubtful. If, however, you have announcements for holiday tours on that page, then the chances of clickthroughs will increase drastically.

To increase your chances of having ads that match the content of the page, please ensure you have keywords in very strategic places. The keywords or phrases should be in the title and also mentioned in the opening paragraph. It should be repeated sparingly in the lower paragraphs, so there is no mistaking what the article is about.

Ad placement

The placement of ads themselves is crucially important. It has been widespread for sites to display them in the “traditional” spots – on the sidebar or at the very top. Text ads do not work very well when placed at the top because users tend to go straight into reading the article and are often ignored when placed on the sides.

How to Increase Adsense Revenues

With content sites, it is better to place ads at the bottom of the article where users are offered relevant ads to the theme of the article when they have finished reading it, hence the increased chance of a clickthrough.

Ads embedded with the text (having the ads where the text is) also do very well whether they stand out using a border color that contrasts with the color of the written text or embedded in by matching the border color of the ads with the background color of where the text is. Seems like Adsense isn’t for you? Try Amazon Affiliates instead.