Ways to Improve Communication with your Developer

Business is all about taking challenges and you need to rely not only on your own skills but also on the skills and understanding of the people that are collaborating with you. Yes, making them understand exactly what you want is crucial to get something done perfectly.

In this article I will focus on how you can improve your communication with your website developer. It is not necesary to for you to learn how to prototype, sketch board and wireframe your vision and ideas but it might safe you time and money minimizing misunderstandings. You only need to follow the advice here if tou are not using a template.

Storyboards and sketch board

This is probably the best non-technological solution. Just take a paper and a pen and sketch whatever in your vision. Visualize your dreamy user interface and sketch it simply on the paper. As it doesn’t take much time and you can make as many sketches as possible and discuss with your team which ones are the best sketches.

Ways to Improve Communication with your Developer

Along with the sketches, you should also develop the user flow that describes how the users will navigate through your webpages and application pages. All these sketches are also known as storyboard and this is very helpful in providing quick and clear communication.


Flowchart can be another effective solution for proper communication with developer and making her/him understand the development process using some pre-defined symbols. While talking about ‘User Flow’ with your developer, must use flowchart to describe the exact process that you want your developer to follow. Here you will find how to properly use the flowchart symbols.

Business use cases

You should explain what your business needs to do in a specific situation as a part of maintaining good communication with developer.

For example, if you are going to organize and event and need to develop the registration system, you should let your developer know the different conditions such as when people can purchase ticket and how, when they can cancel registration and in which specific situations people can get refund and in what percentage. Without knowing these conditions your developer will never be able to develop the system as your expectation.

Wireframe with interaction flow and annotation

For effective communication with developer you can use wireframe which is a visual guide that shows the layout and navigation system of your webpage. In order to explain some specific features of your webpage you can use annotations which are symbols and notes to say something about a specific part of your design.

Wireframe can be drawn using PowerPoint but there are some powerful tools like Balsamiq , Mockupbuilder , Omnigraffle , Axure mockup software and others that can produce better results. If you are not that much efficient in drawing such wireframe then hire someone expert in wire framing.

Click-through prototypes

This is another great way of maintaining effective communication with developer through clickable wireframes. These clickable prototypes let the users to interact with the screen for a better understanding.

Just draw the prototypes individually and separately and then connect them using the linking features of the tools you are using. This will make your wireframe live and help your developer understanding the whole process effectively.