Entertainment Tips to Impress Your Guests

There is one secret to entertaining to impress: it’s all in the details. There are three basic tips essential to entertaining to impress: time and place, creating atmosphere, and choosing the right food and Wine.

Location and Timing.

You don’t have to host a black-tie gala to impress your guests. It’s just as easy to make a big splash at a more casual event, so be flexible when choosing the venue and time of day for your entertaining triumph. Think about hosting a picnic in the park, a barbeque in your back yard, or Friday night cocktails in your apartment.

Once you’ve decided on the ‘when’ and ‘where’ of the event, it’s time to get creative and add some distinctive touches which will fire your guests’ imaginations and ensure that everyone has a memorable time.


What kind of mood do you want to create? If you’re entertaining to impress outdoors – at a picnic, for example, forget about using paper cups and plastic plates; bring along some proper wine glasses and plates, and table linen. Add a portable stereo, some cushions, and a rug, and you will have yourself a classy al fresco dining experience.

If your outdoor entertaining is to take place on home ground, you have even more opportunities to add atmosphere and a sense of occasion. Try hosting an evening barbeque or picnic, and softly illuminate the entertaining area with candles or colored lanterns. A formally laid-table, with the best cutlery and china, transforms an evening barbeque into an unusual and unique event.

What about if you’re entertaining to impress more formally? If you’re having dinner or drinks, you can’t go past an immaculately-pressed tablecloth and candles galore. Now is the time to relocate any elaborate candle-sticks that may be packed away in storage and place them prominently around the room.

Don’t despair if you don’t have any stunning heirlooms, though; set out dozens of little tealights in groups on matching plates. This will also have an impressive effect. Make sure that the candles are lit, and the main lights off before your guests arrive so that they walk into a flickering, softly-lit environment.

Flowers or greenery are essential when creating an atmosphere. Trawl your garden for anything aromatic or colorful and don’t be constrained by convention when arranging them. Experiment with different kinds of foliage and flowers – a grand statement demands some imagination and lateral thinking.

Entertainment Tips to Impress Your Guests

Or buy two or three different bunches of cut flowers, and combine them to create one large, stunning vase. Another useful trick is to fill some dessert bowls with fresh herbs and place them strategically around the house; they will give off a fresh and scent, which will always be a talking point.

Food and Wine

Choosing the right food for your awesome guests is equally important. Ask the guests beforehand what they’d like to have. Do they like Red Wine or the White one? Setting up a grill is an excellent idea. It goes well along with the Wine. Read this awesome article to make wine at home.